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  fthku  |  13

I'm wondering why #41 got thumbed up and #82 got thumbed down. #82 isn't wrong, OP is a woman.

Anyway OP, better luck with the next guy. Even if someone does flake on you, don't send them countless texts and leave voice mails- it tends to freak people out. If you really have to, one will do, no point in wasting more money than that.

  Paris25_fml  |  11

I am imagining the man in your profile picture saying this, haha. Only, in my imagination, he is holding a pipe in his hand and occasionally taking a few puffs of it while talking.

  DirtayMike911  |  0

Hohoho! Sorry for the delayed reply you energetic youngsters! It seems that I have gotten into trouble! Anywho, thank-you for the compliments and yes; Iam a man, yet I'm a miss. And Iam also negative in age. Hahaha!

  alinka_fml  |  0

no it doesnt mean they would have responded. not everyone is glued to their phone and gets a chance To answer right away. sometimes I don't respond to my bf for hours. I could be sleeping, studying, or out with my friends somewhere loud where you can't hear the phone.

By  DocBastard  |  38

After 17 "where r u???" texts and 15 "I can't believe you stood me up!!" voicemails, I think your chances of a second date are poor. He might be, possibly, perhaps, just a bit, completely fucking scared of you now.

  micahsmommy  |  13

Drigr- He may have not responded because he was busy tonight. Hence the date was scheduled for tomorrow. I know I can't have my mobile phone on me at work so you could call or text me all I night and I'd never know it.

By  Paris25_fml  |  11

Haha, I'm sure this kind of thing has happened to many. Maybe not to this degree but being so excited for something that you forget what day it is. It's ok op, your date will think you're really interested in them now!

  fishface517  |  10

Yes! OP's date may become paranoid- and need their mother to take them to therapy, where their mother will say "I'm disappointed in the fact my child can only find crazy people to date!"

  Paris25_fml  |  11

Yea haha, yours too! I saw the picture and thought "Why would so many people take cover behind one vehicle?" But then I read the caption and it all made sense.