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Today, I dreamed that Robert Downey Jr. kept flirting with me and asking me out. Each time, I refused him, because I'm taken. When I proudly told my boyfriend, he said, "What the hell? I could've kissed the mouth that kissed the Iron Man!" FML
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magicman13 9

He is a keeper OP.

Why reject him in a dream? Dreams are the one place where we can do whatever the hell we want.


magicman13 9

He is a keeper OP.


That doesn't necessarily make him a keeper. That just makes him the exact same as 98% of other men out there. I for one would make love to Robert Downey Jr. And I'm straight.

It's definitely a smart idea to keep him around, because he's got the right idea and a good head on his shoulders.

Just because someone says someone is attractive does not mean that they are atyracted to them.

@40... Uh. What? I think I get the point you're trying to make with that comment but it's not really relevant here. It's true though, I never understood why straight men insist they can't tell when another man is attractive. I can't speak for every straight woman, but I certainly know a lot of girls who can tell if another girl is attractive. Back on point... You got a good one, OP. Even just through association, who wouldn't want to kiss Iron Man?

Your boyfriend makes a valid point, if it happened in real life.

But it didn't..

Why reject him in a dream? Dreams are the one place where we can do whatever the hell we want.

I have had reality creep into my dreams. I will be doing something I know pisses my husband off and think "what if he finds out?!" Then I stop doing whatever I happened to be doing in my dream. It's really annoying and I can't control it.

I totally understand that, when its something of that nature (pissing off your guy) but not when its something unrealistic, like flirting with RD Jr.

Cheating pisses most people off. Even if it's with Robert Downey Jr. I know that would probably never happen but even in those kind of dreams reality can still creep in. That's what I was getting at.

She probably didn't know she was dreaming

#39 you are the enlightenment of our era -.-

People sure can't get sarcasm these days..!

i'm not sure we can really control dreams can we?

ThatFancyPenn 18

#52, Welcome to the Internet. #60, Yes we can, it's called a lucid dream and it takes a lot of practice to actually have one. I also heard that it has very bad side effects to it though.

52- We got that it was facetious. Your little emote was enough to tip off anyone. Don't try crying "You just don't understand me!" when you get downvoted. It was unnecessary and just sucked.

Yea you usually can't tell when your are in REM sleep but the only way you would know you were dreaming was if you were having a lucid dream in which you could control what you do in a dream while knowing you are in a dream

bobbyguy 17

Does he realize it was a dream?!

Wtf where is everyone? OH SHIT everyone is addicted to flappy birds!

bobbyguy 17

Correction, everyone is frustrated with Flappy Birds

I don't blame him. Robert Downey Jr is one sexy man.

I have a friend who's pet rabbit is named Robert Downy Jr. So reading this was a lot weirder for me as her pet came to mind first. Then again, what's the difference?

This has what to do with my comment?

48 thinking a pet rabbit is sexy like RDJ.

746278Ab 14

Dreams are dreams! RDJ is amazing

Isn't that like a "coming out" kind of thing?

no. being able to appreciate another person of the same genders beauty doesn't make one gay.

You're right. But when a guy kisses a woman while thinking he's kissing another man that does not make him "straight" anymore.

ThatFancyPenn 18

He would be thinking about that other man but that doesn't mean that he is thinking about kissing him.

Your boyfriend was obviously joking, just laugh it off

One does not simply joke about Robert Downey Jr.s sexiness.

thatkidmal 15

Are you sure you know what “team” he's playing for?

Ari1337 15

the Robert Downey Jr team, duh.

It's not gay if there's a girl involved.

He just wants to kiss someone so amazing even RDJ kissed her

TallMist 32