By anon9876542 - Australia
Today, I drank 1.5 litres of water. I didn't go to the bathroom for 9 hours. During my one hour trek home on public transport, I was busting to pee but I managed to hold it. Walking 200m from my bus stop to my house was agony, but I still held it. When I got to my front door I peed my pants. FML
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  Emma_99  |  0

Of course, the old "If it happens in America it must be true worldwide" analogy. People like you make your country look like the ignorant dumbasses the rest of the world think Americans are. Get a life.

  Muffin_boo  |  12

He was only on the bus for an hour. He didn't piss before he boarded. He ended up pissin himself after walking 200m from the bus stop to his house. We don't know where OP was during the nine hours prior, so unless you DO know, give OP a break.

OP you deserve your pissy pants for not going when you had the chance, but at the same time shit happens so don't feel too terribly bad. ;3

  MeMeMe123455  |  0

Why would you wish an infection on someone? I mean yeah you should pee in the bathrooms on the way rather than hold it, but you're just a douche. F the OP's life for having to read your comment.

  gigi37  |  0

The only reason I can see the OP waiting so long is that it was some overnight trip and the OP was asleep and then in the morning took the bus or something home and during that hour got the urge to use the restroom.
OP: FYL about the situation, but YDI if you forced yourself to wait