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Today, I dived into the pool without checking, even though I knew that Sponge Bob had been in for a swim before me. FML
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Yeah, I don't get this at all

Dove is a soap brand


Yeah, I don't get this at all

Burukasai 17

Spongebob (a sponge) absorbed all of the pool water before OP dived in.

hennessy89 34

It's dove, not dived.

It's dived, not dove. Dove is the perfect tense form and would need to be paired with have/has/had.

oi u just got rekt m8

Dove isn't a word. It's definitely dived.

theoldman 22

I had dove into the cool lake and emerged refreshed. ^example of how to use dove as a past tense of dive

Dove is a soap brand

It's actually both, look it up in any dictionary.

A dove is also a type of bird.

You're right,... but wrong."Dived" is the British English past form. Following on that logic, dive is not irregular verb, thus past perfect form is also "dived". "Dove" is simply used in American English. You're onto something there though, as the American dive -> dove would call for the perfect form of "diven".

OneOnJuanAction 22

Dove is the company, along with the bird.

This section is disappointing.

sonasonic 34

The puns arent even remotely funny.

i got a swimming ad right before this

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cm0112 11

These are literally never funny. Just get rid of this section.

FML turning into a middle aged dad trying to make jokes

Yeah, there would be a lot of blood had this happened.

Not necessary, he could have landed on his feet or hands. And depends on where he dove (deep end or not)

is this supposed to be a sex joke? i dont get it wtf.

Yes, it's a sex joke.

a sponge soaked in all the water

Hey, my old profile. I forgot about it until now

They dove into the sink or?