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  krazy_glu3  |  0

I whitewater kayak, and before getting in a kayak you need to know how to role it back up, or at least exit it. which is VERY easy. but if it was a rec, ocean, tandem kayak, or whatever kind you had, it should be easy to exit BC you don't have a skirt to get off... and idk how you ca possibly dislocate anything while exiting a kayak. coming from a whitewater kayaker... idk how this can possibly happen!!!
but if it truly did then you have a crappy husband.

  whitesox365  |  0

121 dont just go judging people. we dont know the whole situation. what if it turns out he has a bacterial infection on a cut on his leg, he gets jungle foot and has his leg amputated? its unlikely, but possible

  Brennanrulez  |  0

it also said her husband didnt help because his FEET hurt. if she was in the water her husbands feet wouldnt have anything to do with it, because he'd most likely be IN A KAYAK.