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  mintcar  |  9

That creepy moment when you stumble upon a jar of toe/finger nail clippings. That even more creepy moment when you realize it's yours.
What's next? Hair? Your already chewed gum?

  lou_knee  |  6

It reminds me of a book of spells I read as a teenager that suggested to make a relationship last you should put your nail filings in the other person's food. Has she been cooking for you at all lately?

  starsfan_9  |  7

Its not unreasonable for op's gf to be a banshee. Alberta is notorious for its high banshee counts as of recent. Scientists blame the stronger western Canadian economy but no one is quite certain how to explain the banshee boom

  Eiregal2  |  10

I shall give my Irish knowledge here. The banshee is a crying spirit who Usually warns people about death. When seen she is seen to be brushing her long hair with a comb. She's a messenger and does not bring death.