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That's just creepy :3


That's just creepy :3

Maybe she's Cajun, if she is stay away from the spaghetti OP!!!

Weren't you already a little creeped out by the fact that she was obsessed with cutting your nails to begin with?

That creepy moment when you stumble upon a jar of toe/finger nail clippings. That even more creepy moment when you realize it's yours. What's next? Hair? Your already chewed gum? RUN, OP.

Crazy girlfriend meme, anyone?

Well I like to make sure my boyfriend's nails are clipped, but for a different reason...

Get out while you can OP, she's crazy :O

Yea I definitely wouldn't stay with her it sounds like she's attempting to do some weird dark magic type stuff get out while you can op

Sounds like witchcraft! Run while you can!

15 what does being cajun have to do with anything? Are you trying to refer to voodoo? And why stay away from spaghetti? I'm completely offended.

27- OP probably thought that she didn't like long fingernails. :p

It reminds me of a book of spells I read as a teenager that suggested to make a relationship last you should put your nail filings in the other person's food. Has she been cooking for you at all lately?

What if she's right.

Well done 72, well done.

72, I like your chevelle, as for the OP, you should probably have a talk with your girlfriend if this closeness isn't the type 72 refers to


Or hide... Err.. But not under her bed.

I say run before she clips off your fingers and toes!

Break up with her. That's weird. Soon she will start collecting faeces and scabs

But not yet. She sounds like my kind of freaky, and you don't want her stalking you.

48 ever seen the movie Audition?

48 ever seen the movie Audition?

I'm with two, Get the hell out of there

Boy is she in for a surprise!

Why? Is it candy!? I love candy!

Yeah, I have candy, it's in my windowless van. Come inside and get some, i'm also giving out free puppies.

I always almost fall for the puppies :(

I love puppies and candy, do you promise it's not a trick?

Sorry man. Youre better off breaking up with her, it'll get worse...

sounds like you dating a banshee

How does that sound like a banshee?? Banshees wail extremely loud. They do not collect nail clippings.

Its not unreasonable for op's gf to be a banshee. Alberta is notorious for its high banshee counts as of recent. Scientists blame the stronger western Canadian economy but no one is quite certain how to explain the banshee boom

Wait, they're banshees? I thought our women were just loud in the sack.

I shall give my Irish knowledge here. The banshee is a crying spirit who Usually warns people about death. When seen she is seen to be brushing her long hair with a comb. She's a messenger and does not bring death.

Pretty sure it will do the exact opposite XD

What a fucking Psycho!!!

That's just the collection you know about...

Yup she probably has a collections of your used condoms in her closet!!

More like in her vaginia.

51 somehow I think he might have noticed that one.

46 -exactly what I thought about after reading this fml..those two should pair up :) (for those who don't get it, it's a reference from the earlier fml)

Just a few more and she can perform her spell to ensure you stick around.

And then she will make a temple out of your nail clippings with a picture of you on top of it. Good luck with the creep, OP.