By seanjohn268 - 29/11/2011 17:21 - Canada

Today, I discovered that you should always unplug the electric mixer before licking the beaters. FML
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kmiks411 0

Take then out of the mixer too


kmiks411 0

Take then out of the mixer too

iAmPaul 49

One or the other OP, or even better, do both, unplug AND remove them from the mixer. ;D

n_epic_fail 14

I bet your tongue got a workout, you'll be a kissing GOD.... What a G

jjoyce6 0

That's what you call a tongue twister

*facepalm* oh god help us...YDI

33- wtf really?

fatme2012 7


SirObvious 1

I hope you don't MIX that up again..

G0v3nat0r 7

I see what you did there...

a_cassie 4

OP, you're fucking stupid.

... Just today you learned that?... It doesn't go without saying I guess?

Opps I meant OP just discovered that today. not #1. My bad ;)

JennyBear101 0

Does this person happen 2 b blonde? (not trying 2 b a hater, I'm blonde 2)

I would've made that mistake if I didn't read this FML. I learned something today!

I hope you still have a tongue...

Britter903 6

Lol your picture matches your reply perfectly

Or just stupidity

I'm stupid.

ImFrackinBored 13

At least it wasn't a blender >_>

Why in the f*ck did you do that? I understand it would be delicious, but really?

It's okay. It's helping clean out the gene pool.

Mmmmhhhhhmmmmmm cookies with a side of tongue anyone?

no shit havent u learned from afv

Mmmmmmm so goo- oh fuuuu

Dumbass. It's common sense.

Sarah_moustache 9

Im wondering what the dump happened to his tongue..

What the.. dump?

Why the dump are you questioning what she said?

Silly OP. Everyone knows you can't beat common sense...

gabrielbaby 9

I see what you did there xD

Jdimp 1

what a tongue twister

that's just common sense to unplug and take the beaters out.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Beaters giggity :o

nollid7 5

That's why people like OP shouldn't reproduce, what a dumbass!!!

Common sense isn't as common as you think

This is like saying "today I learnt to put the safety catch on a gun before putting the muzzle in my mouth and pulling the trigger".

Proof positive that only stupid people breed! Try warming your bath with a plugged in toaster!

silver848 6

Good Idea! *ZAP* "OUCH!"

kwanza23 3

6: you need to search 'idiocracy trailer' on YouTube. :)

Yeah... Beaters typically can dish out a really good beating...

DanGleesak 11

Agh, you beat me to that pun.

You deserved it.

pedosmurf 7

That's like shoving a steak knife in your mouth to lick the juice dumbo

Well, uh...I hope it work better for you the next time?

That would be nice, except OP doesn't have a tongue anymore. There cannot be a next time.

YakuzaxGeneralz 9

I would have taken this comment way more seriously if there was no question mark at the end.

AsianCookie247 14

I see you've discovered Fat Booth Max, congratulations.

That's not fat booth mate....

bitchy_bitch 0

thats dirty!

I'm sorry. But you really deserve this...