By seanjohn268 - 29/11/2011 17:21 - Canada

Today, I discovered that you should always unplug the electric mixer before licking the beaters. FML
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Take then out of the mixer too


Take then out of the mixer too

One or the other OP, or even better, do both, unplug AND remove them from the mixer. ;D

I bet your tongue got a workout, you'll be a kissing GOD.... What a G

That's what you call a tongue twister

*facepalm* oh god help us...YDI

33- wtf really?

I hope you don't MIX that up again..

I see what you did there...

OP, you're fucking stupid.

... Just today you learned that?... It doesn't go without saying I guess?

Opps I meant OP just discovered that today. not #1. My bad ;)

Does this person happen 2 b blonde? (not trying 2 b a hater, I'm blonde 2)

I would've made that mistake if I didn't read this FML. I learned something today!

I hope you still have a tongue...

Lol your picture matches your reply perfectly

Or just stupidity

I'm stupid.

At least it wasn't a blender >_>

Why in the f*ck did you do that? I understand it would be delicious, but really?

It's okay. It's helping clean out the gene pool.

Mmmmhhhhhmmmmmm cookies with a side of tongue anyone?

no shit havent u learned from afv

Mmmmmmm so goo- oh fuuuu

Dumbass. It's common sense.

Im wondering what the dump happened to his tongue..

What the.. dump?

Why the dump are you questioning what she said?

Silly OP. Everyone knows you can't beat common sense...

I see what you did there xD

what a tongue twister

that's just common sense to unplug and take the beaters out.

Beaters giggity :o

That's why people like OP shouldn't reproduce, what a dumbass!!!

Common sense isn't as common as you think

This is like saying "today I learnt to put the safety catch on a gun before putting the muzzle in my mouth and pulling the trigger".

Proof positive that only stupid people breed! Try warming your bath with a plugged in toaster!

Good Idea! *ZAP* "OUCH!"

6: you need to search 'idiocracy trailer' on YouTube. :)

Yeah... Beaters typically can dish out a really good beating...

Agh, you beat me to that pun.

You deserved it.

That's like shoving a steak knife in your mouth to lick the juice dumbo

Well, uh...I hope it work better for you the next time?

That would be nice, except OP doesn't have a tongue anymore. There cannot be a next time.

I would have taken this comment way more seriously if there was no question mark at the end.

I see you've discovered Fat Booth Max, congratulations.

That's not fat booth mate....

I'm sorry. But you really deserve this...