By Anonymous - United States - Ithaca
Today, I discovered that when you suddenly get channels that you didn't have before, it doesn't mean there was a glitch and you're getting free TV, it just means that your son called the cable company and had your plan changed so you get every conceivable channel at a hugely increased price. FML
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  Palirose  |  22

I used to order movies all the time when I was younger ect. It's also not hard to fake being the owner of the account so long as you know the account information. I pay my moms bill all the time with out them knowing Im not really her.

  AngelSpit  |  18

Apparently not, we recently had an upgrade to our internet speed through Verizon because they occasionally give you offers through your set top box and my stepdaughter rather than exiting out of it okayed right through it so now we have a 50/25 mbps connection

  untouchable763  |  10

Actually you can its really simple. Even though I'm 19 my cable is still under my parents. To get it changed they just ask. "Are you sure this is ok?" And I say yup and that's it no passwords no nothing.

  siickman  |  7

I have 2000 channels, only about 150 are actually worth it. Out of that 150, 10 are porn by night time and 50 are playing repeats of movies. That leaves 90 channels of actual TV... Out of the 2000 my family pays for.. Such a rip..

  FarFromSocial  |  9

Nowadays all you need is the account holders name and whatever security info they have on the account to gain access and change whatever....OP's son clearly knew all of that.