By JK710 - 23/06/2009 01:13 - United States

Today, I discovered that the hearing in my left ear is still good. I haven't been able to hear that well out of it for 2 weeks and I thought I popped an eardrum and waited for it to heal. I stuck a Q-Tip in there to clean it out. Turns out there was actually a dead fly in my ear. For 2 weeks. FML
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How would it have gotten in there without you feeling it? Unless you were sleeping o_O still, gross.



How would it have gotten in there without you feeling it? Unless you were sleeping o_O still, gross.

call the fly a noob and spam "halp!!!!"

Popped eardrums don't heal, it's called going deaf.

You do not clean your ears for two weeks. YDI

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do u not clean your ears?!?! ew you have do it daily!!!

156, they DO in fact heal. and OP, having a popped eardrum hurts like a motherfucker. you would know if its popped.

Guess who's reading FML before going to sleep now? ._.

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You probably should have checked it out before you assumed you popped your eardrum.. YDI

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OP did check it.

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WTF? It doesn't feel anything when something goes inside your ears? Your pretty stupid IMO.

"Your pretty stupid IMO." Oh, the irony.

Before you call others stupid, why don't you check your grammar.

HIs grammar is ok. It's his spelling that's a blight to mankind.

Thank you, humorizer..

who gives a shit about spelling/grammar? when are people going to get over the your/you're thing? god

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When we stop speaking English? O_o

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Since we're being especially picky today, FYI spelling == grammar.

spelling does not equate to grammar. they are separate and equal.

it doesn't feel anything?? You mean you can't feel anything...

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Lmao, That sucks. How could you not tell something was in your ear?????

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Ewwww that's so gross!

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lol, its ok, i had a nice little BIG piece of folded paper in mine, and i had to go to the emergency room,they got it out, along with ALOT of earwax.

Little and big? Wtf?

174- Well, the squirrel in your profile picture is both little and big. It's a little squirrel, but it's fat/big. Anyways, 6 was trying to emphasize the piece of paper's size by saying it was both little and big.

174- there is also little big planet. little piece of paper, big head.

that's kinda gross... it could've never happen to me im so scared of things going in my ear eww... except for good music and few other things

dude, what else could you POSSIBLY put in there?

Bad music, maybe. xD

I don't know about you, but whatever your mum decides to do with my ears is fine with me.

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hahaha oh snap!

a few other dating a Chinese guy? lol good old stereo types

what else us there to put in an ear?

wasn't that hurt if there's something stuck in your ear

Why "waited for it to heal"? You should go see a doctor

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maybe no medical insurance?