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#19 Lol I did that a long time ago, FURBYs NEVER DIE! I had to sacrifice mine in the fire pit in my yard, and even then the eyes kept blinking until the fucker got short-circuited from the batteries leaking...

  CryMoreFMLs  |  14

One cannot simply kill a furby.

You must go on a grand adventure to seek the mystical car keys, then! and only then, shall you locate your nemesis' demise: The Car.

Then you just back up over the damn thing.

By  jewels1877  |  0

You'll have the Furby begging you for mercy if you turn it upside down!

Cause I used to love to turn them upside down and they'd yell, "NO! NO! DOWN DOWN!"
Ahhh. Things I used to do as a kid.