By superscrewed - United States
Today, I discovered that my supervisor has been submitting completed projects to our manager on time for everyone on the team but me. She has been deliberately making it appear as though I am weeks behind on my projects, when in reality I am one of the first ones done every month. FML
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  Stevenopolis  |  0

@ noshitsherlock - my thoughts exactly. Probably also has a bigger chest and the boss is probably single or childless. Those are usually the worse female bosses, nothing but ambition and keeping the competition at bay.

Time to get that resume in order and the fuck outta that place...

By  catatonicsleep  |  17

your computer will say when you finished working on documents, it'll say something like "last modified on...", that should help you prove when you actually finished the work.

  xmagster  |  0

Yeah, definitely not a ydi. You are supposed to trust your work partners...

OP should go talk to her superiors and tell them what happened, show emails and other time stamped documents as proof of her timely work, and submit her work to her superiors personally as to avoid this happening again. She would probably get her supervisor fired.

By  idkweird  |  0

Go to your manager and ask if you can turn your projects in directly to him/her. It will show that you are done on time and cut out any chance of a middle man screwing it up for you!