By Anonymous - / Saturday 30 October 2010 01:25 / Canada
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  crashtest1205  |  0

only in the US would someone claim to be a romantic, but have a half, if not full, nude picture as their DP. looks to me like you're just desperate! ohhhh, that's right don't insult my country!

  SChew  |  6

if the hair's on your head, play with it all you want. it's a different story when the hair is loose and wet and you play with it.

still playing with hair? what are you? 5 years old? lmfao IDIOT

  MrsDruidess  |  23

Get real guys, when you have long hair, you have to catch it yourself to keep it from clogging the drains. So yes we catch it and stick it to the wall until its all caught and then we put it in the trash. Otherwise stopping to discard every hair would take an hour! And its not disgusting, as this happens during the shampoo and conditioner, so its clean. Better than leaving it in the drain or letting it build up and having to pay $$$ to snake the drain! So she makes shapes with it, big deal, its a tedious process, as long as she cleans it up.

  chrisbeaudoin  |  26

I'm pretty sure it's an fml cause they didn't clean it up

  crashtest1205  |  0

jeeze what's with people these days being disgusted by natural and general clean things that come from our bodies? Seriously, I mean if OPs roomate was peeing on the wall to make art or swirling a fresh turd on the wall then yes that would be disgusting... but HAIR? seriously?

By  Inspired22  |  11

Mass amounts of shower hair is gross, but it can't be huge chunks of it if she can manipulate it to make it art. I think it's funny. But it's not really a big deal.