By Ahook1 - / Monday 23 August 2010 23:31 / Australia
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  chippa  |  24

How does that make him an idiot? If somebody is infertile (which she apparently lied about being) and has a 0% chance of having any STDs (which I guess they both didn't), then why -would- you wear a condom?

  arieelxx  |  0

I agree, because everyone just loves wearing condoms for no reason. if she said she was infertile there is no reason to be wearing a condom unless one of them had an STD. so stfu and don't be such an idiot.

  romskiies  |  0

Op you're a fucking idiot. Only time you don't wrap your tool is when you she isn't with another tool, ex: married to your significant other. Less chance of cheating.

  arieelxx  |  0

and some people trust their significant other. so really he didn't deserve this at all. not everyone has trust issues and needs proof to believe things they are told.

  v1kt4r  |  13

There is no such thing as having 0% chance of getting an STI, being infertile doesn't make u immune to STI's read a book
PS: Its STI, they no longer call them STDs

  letmeinplease  |  0

I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years and we haven't used condoms since I went on the pill two months in. No biggie, we were both virgins, and neither of us are bastards, so no chance of STIs (except toliet seats or towels or whatever...).

Is it normal for people to use condoms all the time when on the pill? I know my friend does, but the expense and hassle really doesn't seem worth it.


Unfortunately, supposedly trustworthy people cheat all the time, so condoms are always a good idea IMO, at least until an engagement or marriage.

letmeinplease: I know several couples who use both. It's not too rare, I think.


59: Are you responding to me? Because I didn't say that my husband and I use both. Besides, even if we did, it would be better to overprotect ourselves than have a baby when we're not ready.

  yuggi1  |  11

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  ojosverdes26  |  6

She might've had endometriosis. I have it, and I believe it's the major cause for women who are having trouble conceiving. But, even though the doctor might've told her she was "infertile," only about 30 to 40 percent of women who have it have infertility issues. I know others who have it and had multiple kids. It all depends. Either way, you should've used at least some type of protection. If it really was endometriosis, your girlfriend should've gone on birth control pills, which help to prevent pregnancy as well as preventing endometriosis from getting worse anyway. That's why I'm on 'em.

  crazyaces89  |  7

Even if she wasn't fertile...which we now know isn't true...you should still have still used protection cause one or both of you could have some std y'all don't know about...and I don't think that matters if you're able to conceive or not

  jrsl  |  2

to #6 you are clearly a dumbass. obviously his gf didnt lie to him about being infertile. the doctors just made a mistake and thought she was. why would she lie about being infertile? and obviously she was infertile for a little bit since they had unprotected sex for 2 months and she JUST got preggers.

  boatkicker  |  4

It's not uncommon for doctors to mess up about things like that. We were told that my sister would never have a period due to a birth defect, and wouldn't be able to have kids. Doctor was at least partially wrong, as she started her period a few months ago. We are still told that the defect will prevent her from being able to carry a child, but I don't hold much faith in it, anymore.

  cmyk  |  19

so... you blindly trusted your gf of 2 months? seriously? how dumb are you? for all you know she could have STI's as well as 2 months really isnt long enough to know a person.. especially with this kinda things!

  Kitten_love  |  22

49 - What does being a bastard and having STIs have to do with each other?? Whether the parents are married or not barely increases the chance of the parents having sexual diseases and many cannot be passed on to the child. If they are, they can be treated with the exception of HIV and AIDS. Which had NOTHING to do with being a bastard child. I can not even begin with how absolutely insulted I am, being a bastard myself. STIs and marriage are very weakly linked.

192 - Thank you so much. So many people forget the option of adoption. I'm lucky enough that my birth mother chose that route.

  patiencek  |  0

I don't feel for Op, I feel for the baby..... I'm just saying if you have the kid take care of it. lord knows we don't need any more bad parents in this world! I know I would be a horrible mother, that's why I don't have children.

  DarkHelmet  |  10

to #76 thanks; to #93 I apologize, the damn auto correct changed fell to feel; and on a side note I'm sure even though u don't want kids I'm positive with that face u have no problem staying "active"


that IS how they trick you. that's how I got tricked. although it wasn't after two months, it was wayyy over two years and I'm sure she may even believed she was infertile and i'm sure doctors told her she was infertile. Doesn't matter. Trust NO ONE.

By  Cinn_fml  |  22

Did she tell you that to trick you into having unprotected sex, or did she show you the medical evidence to prove it? Because if it was the former it's ydi, I mean I know you're supposed to trust her and all, but unprotected sex can have big consequences (as proven here) so you really should ask for proof of things like this. If she did show you some kind of proof then you're either very lucky or very unlucky. Turns out you've chosen to look at it from the unlucky point of view.

  darkmis1  |  17

Cute doggies!!!!
And I agree with Cinn. Trust is a huge part of making a relationship work, but when it comes to something like one of the partners saying they're infertile/sterile, you still should get actual proof. It's good to have trust, but that's one thing that you DO NOT want to take a chance on.

By  katers311  |  0

I'm very sorry if she was sincere, but if not you are so stupid for believing that, good one , I'm glad that more people like you are going to be born in the world, thanks!

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