By Spadiethestar - 31/07/2009 08:36 - France

Today, I discovered that my cheating, stealing ex boyfriend is posting pictures of naked women having group sex, with my face photoshopped onto them. He sent those to my boss, my friends, my family, only because I refused to bail his drunken self out of jail a couple weeks ago. FML
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You sure know how to pick 'em....

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People on this site have shit luck with relationships...


british english is weird.

Hahaha, you mean English English, and thus normal English.

Calm down, psycho. Languages adapt. It happens. Seriously, chill out.

Lol Brits still hang on to a hope that they're still relevant in this world, they're not. They're just another bitch nation in America's coalition of the willing. Like Poland.

"british english is weird."?????? That made my day! People are so retarded....

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YDI for not bailing him out.

Yer. thats all we non learnedd amaricans do. Oh wait, i forgot, remind me who got to the moon first? Who just completed its 137th shuttle mission? Us americans and our stupid engrish.

You guys are all such pretentious dumbfucks. You've never seen English (UK) and English (US)? You don't know that there are REGIONAL forms of a language? Of course you don't. Because you're being too much of a pretentious prick who feels superior to an entire country because of a stereotype. Go stuff yourself!

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Didn't the Mythbusters conclusively prove that the Americans did, in fact, land on the moon? And while we're on the subject of dialects, why is nobody here complaining about the Australians? :P

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YDI for getting married

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What has the US achieved? What the fuck has your country achieved? The fact that you all take so much pride in using the "proper" version of english just tells us that you don't have anything significant to be proud of. Go ahead though, call us American pigs and tell us how dumb and fat we are. Last I checked, we still have the highest GDP in the world. Plus Michelle Obama would ghetto stomp the shit out of your Queen Elizabeth!

wow, you know most americans like the english, and then people like you come along. youre just another english dumb fuck who thinks their superior to every other country in the world even though really the only reason anyone pays any attention to you anymore is for your impotent monarchys drama. sorry to any english not as ignorant and crude as this idiot, im sure the majority of the english population has more class than him

Only thing that couldn't be done in a studio could have been done by unmanned spacecraft. Face it, we didn't land on the moon, those who think we did are morons.

wow. you total dumbass.

at 65. Yes, let's take a moment to think about what america has achieved. Can't think of anything? Me neither.

im pretttty sure this conspiracy was tackled years ago. thanks for bringing back up something of absolutely no significance though.

since youre too fucking stupid to think of anything, heres one thing we acheived im sure you'll remember: KICKING YOUR FUCKING ASSES OUT OF AMERICA, BITCH

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ha yeah that was it.

Pics or it didn't happen.

Are you people seriously arguing about countries and their superiority? You realize that has nothing to do with this FML right? Who cares if there's different dialects. And apparently there's a debate going on about which country sucks the worst and which country is the best. I am American and I actually find it damn annoying that the majority of the population in this country think we're awesome and that our shit doesn't stink. Every single country is prone to fallacy. Each country has its perks, and its downfalls. OP: That's pretty bad. I would kick his ass since you didn't even deserve it. If anything, your ex-boyfriend deserved getting his ass thrown in jail (obviously). He shouldn't be so spiteful and needs to grow up. Maybe there's still time to explain what happened to everyone. That may be difficult though.

Oh don’t drag us Aussies into it.. oh and how many countries are included in, and play in your world series baseball comp??? And officially we use the Uk English. Yes we have bastardized it too  And didn’t I see this post b4??? op that sucks ass and yes take legal action...

youre honestly the dumbest piece of shit ever. if YOU think we didn't land on the moon, then you're living in a cold state of denial and can't bring yourself to the reality that we did and that America is better than Britain.

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HAHAHA that was the greatest comeback Ive seen all day....and I completely agree!!!

look at this you idiot to see what america has done... Yes, America put a man on the Moon. Yes, America invented medicines that bring hope to billions. Yes, America put into practice a system of governance that is the envy of the nations. An educational system that is admired the world over. An agricultural system that feeds almost all of humanity. An Internet system which connects peoples instantaneously. But, we also have an economic system that has generated untold wealth – and unimaginable misery. And, a military which performed nobly, as during World War II, and abominably, as in Iraq. The Germans never saw us as Occupiers; the Iraqis do. It is not that the Iraqis don’t want Freedom. It’s that they don’t like the way Americans brought it to them – through torture, rape, murder, and unjust imprisonment. Though the face of Freedom stands sullied at the hands of President George W Bush – yet, it is the ideal, the quintessential American idea, the essential American ethos, which people all over the world yearn for. They died for it in Hungary [1956]. They died for it in Czechoslovakia [1956]. They died for it this week on the streets of Iran. It was the reason he became an American, asserted a new citizen sworn in today in New York. Our newly-minted America would be surprised to find that the word Freedom cannot be found anywhere in the Declaration. Yet, it suffuses the document. And, is given concrete expression in the Bill of Rights. Whose First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. The American ideal of Freedom of Speech, which allows criticism of authority, and the expression of distasteful ideas, has inspired peoples all over the world – and shaken their Governments. PS. if it weren't for us, then we wouldn't be talking because WE INVENTED INTERNET.

...Are you kidding me? America STARTED WW1 & WW2 for the sole purpose of profit and globalization. Learn your history you pride infested retard... Stop being brainwashed. USA is whats wrong with the world, for they simply want to control it.

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U r rite ur life dos suk. u should smak that A-Hole

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Listen Canadian. You will do what America tells you to do or else.

This entire discussion is fucking idiotic. And America didn't start either World War. On topic, OP, your ex is a prick. That sucks, FYL.

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Rickyrio you're a moron. No they didn't start WW1 and 2. Maybe YOU should learn history. Besides, England has fault too. They are the reason was Burma is so fucked up and caused the conflict between India and Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh. All because of English Imperialism. You retard. Im sure you don't even know where Burma is.

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the word "learnt" isn't even in the post, or did anybody even notice? Poster numero uno posted learnt, not OP.

@97, How did the Americans start WWI and WWII? World War 1 started because European nations had secret alliances and when Archduke Franz Ferdinand (heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire) was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist, the already strained relations fell apart. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia and all of the countries they had treaties and alliances with followed suit. Serbia and all of it's allies declared war on Austria-Hungary on it's allies. It wasn't even until the sinking of the British ocean liner the "Lusitania" that was carrying American civilians by German U-Boats that caused enough public outrage for America to enter the war. We in no way started World War 1. Prior to the official start of World War 2, Europe had been in chaos. Germany was building it's military and capturing territory 6 years before any country formally declared war. America only entered this war because Japan attacked Pearl Harbour. Japan's aim was to cripple the American fleet and capture the island as a base for an attack on the American mainland.

Oh man, where did you steal that rant from, 95? The United States is pretty much a wasteland. Where few control much, and the rest just sit around and bitch about Mexicans. Dude, the Greeks invented democracy. You're educational system is admired the world over? Where are you getting that information? Haha okay, more living in a fantasy. An agricultural system that feeds most of humanity? Get over yourself. And while the Internet was invented by the US military, the WORLD WIDE WEB, which you are utilizing right now, was invented by a Brit. So, if it weren't for THE BRIT, you wouldn't be enjoying this now. Funny, the country I live in today (which is not the United States, by the way) enjoys all the same freedoms as yours. So it's not like you guys are lightyears ahead in that category, either. Not to mention, the very freedoms that you brag about, are being overused or taken away. Freedom of speech? Yeah, sure. Ever heard of political correctness? If you have such incredible freedoms that grant you unlimited rights, then why are you allowing your government to tell you what you can and can't say? All Americans do is wait for the next season of mindless reality TV to start, listen to mindless pop music that all sounds the same, and misuse/ignore the information that is at their fingertips. Face it - the generation that is being raised today is going to be by far the dumbest. Americans always need something to fear, and the government capitalizes on it, and spoonfeeds you people with whatever it is they want you to do about it. Face it, your society is total garbage, and you sit back and accept it. I don't know what you people idealize for. Live in reality, it's much more productive, and you sound like less of an idiot *cough, cough, 94, 95* And while the US goes on trying to stop "global terrorism," and the people of the United States have blindly agreed and followed suit, they have done many acts of state terrorism that seem to go unnoticed. So, 95, whoever wrote that rant that you plagiarized, was living in a truly idealistic fantasy land. Time to snap into reality. Oh, and whoever thinks that the US saved any asses during WWI OR WWII needs to take a real history course. What is it they teach you down there, ffs?

this debate is so retarded because everyone knows that china is going to become the worlds number one superpower in a couple of years, and when they do they could probably spit on england and the united states

Well if every country focuses on fighting China's BILLION MAN ARMY on their own in attempts to get the glory of saving the world from Chinese rule, you'd be right. I just hope that we're not all stupid enough to think we can all do it alone.

Tbh this whole arguement about countries. Your all the same. You live in the same world. Your just from differenty country. None of the countries are superior to each other. So stop arguring. You all come from well devolped, nice place to live countries. Okay? So stop aruging.

122 is awesome. You hit it spot on. @OP, you might be able to press charges. Final note, why was my comment (#110) buried?

OK. America did land on the moon, america is the worlds richest country, did invent alot of things, etc, etc BUT... The internet was invented by a Brit, but was made practical by the US military. WWI, the US was extremely helpful and saved millions of lives, but we cannot be sure that the allies would have lost without America. WWII, there is no way that Britain would have fallen to Nazi Germany if the US hadn't entered the war, as they would require air superiority, something Hitler had tried and failed to gain, so he practically gave up on invading England. The UK has also come up with some brilliant innovations, such as the first practical super-sonic passenger jet (Concorde, but in conjunction with the French), the US (Boeing) just got as far as life-size wooden models with no functioning parts. The UK sparked off the industrial revolution. The UK abolished slavery first. The UK invented the best armour in the world to day - Chobham, used by both the Challenger II and the M1 Abrams. The first aircraft carrier was British. To finish off, a quote from Churchill: "You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else."

Because British fanboys were being jerks.

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I just must join this because I am an American. An Irish, German, French, English, Italian American... Every American is, I hate to be the barer of bad news... we are all connected in some way. I do take some offense to several of the statements people are making on here about the US... but will Admit GWBush was not our finest hour, but then again, I didn't vote for him. Everyone has their inventions, and we had some pretty good ones here. Edison is ours, Franklin is ours, Gates is ours...right there you got Electricity, the Telephone, and Windows, how many of you people NOT in America refuse to use any of these things because they were invented by an American. Also, I dont want to hear about How if America didnt do this and America didnt do that, such and such a country wouldn't be in the shape its in... What woulda happened if we didnt step in WWII?? Ohh thats right, there would be no more Jews or blacks left...Britian wants to hold its own, then do it, dont bitch about how much better you are than America and then demand its all our fault you couldn't throw YOUR weight around with the big bad Germans. the UK can have whatever jets and fighter-planes they want, fact of the matter is, the Airplane is OURS as well. And really, every language has a different dialect for different regions...and for those posting about the different "english words".... To finish off, a quote from Stewie Griffin: "Let me tell you something, "Nessa" a bullet sounds the same in EVERY language, so PUT A F*CKIN SOCK IN IT"

Because we like the Australians. They are a crucial nation for sporting purposes whereas America is where Europe off loaded all off the useless idiots years ago =]

Your comment shouldn't have been buried. It was good and it actually kind of brought to light how pathetic this argument over national pride is. I'm an American but my mother was Scottish and my father was German. I'm sure that a good percentage of Americans (even natural born ones) are French, British, Chinese, German, Polish, or a mix of really anything (once I met someone who's father was from Uganda and mother from Vietnam). That goes to show that we can't credit ourselves for all the great innovative minds that happened to be in America when genius struck. We have people here who have emigrated from all over the globe. Albert Einstein was a German Jew who fled during World War 2 because of the Holocaust. Nikola Tesla was an Austrian immigrant. Walter Brattain, a Chinese immigrant helped invent the transistor. There were many great minds that came purely from America, but we can't take credit for everything that happened by pure chance. What if all of these inventors and scientists were in England at the time they first built something incredible. Would England be credited for all these inventions?

I think you'll find that the Scottish have invented far more useful things than America. The only good thing about America were the Natives .... oh but you lot took care of that didn't you! Oh and I think you'll find the first man on the moon was a Brit =]

To finish this argument (I don't actually care who's better...I like BOTH countries)... Has America EVER ruled over Britain? NO Has Britain EVER ruled over America? YES Has America EVER had an empire? NO Has Britain EVER had an empire? YES And don't say 'America could rule over Britain if we wanted to!' because BOTH countries have nuclear weapons and both our governments are each other's bitches...*sigh* Oh and yes, America helped save our asses in WWI and WWII...but you took your sweet time didn't you. America wouldn't have joined in at all in WWII if the Japanese hadn't bombed your asses at Pearl Harbour!! But I do like America. I've been there a lot on holiday. It's my fave destination. So please don't bash me. I just don't like it when Americans think they're better than the British...because for all intensive purposes you ARE British...well apart from the Native Americans...but I have a feeling none of the people being defensive on here ARE the Native Americans! Oh and FINALLY... without us, you wouldn't be living like you are (since you are us). You're giving examples of all the inventions Americans created and about landing on the moon, but with out the British, NONE of that would exist. It's a paradox really since you are us. Oh and don't be mean...I like America...Your (American) football is my fave sport...and I love Baseball too!

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@#95, and anyone that said americans invented the internet: That's true, but Tim Berners-Lee, an ENGLISH man, invented the world wide web.

OMG SHUT THE FUCK UP. if you guys want to have some stupid internet argument , do it some where else... join a debate team or something.. dont spam FML. most of your points are half twisted truths and lies. read a fucking history book its not that hard.

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Everybody is partial to their homeland, no matter what they are or where they are from...I understand this for both sides of the arguement. But I will say, If Im not Mistaken, The English were persecuting THEIR OWN people who did not believe in the King's religion, so those being persecuted peaced out of England on this little boat called the Mayflower. We have no need or desire to rule over Britain, historically, the Settlers were just glad to be the hell away from the Brits, and we don't have any issue with that in todays day and age. Live and let live. And EXACTLY the POINT I was making with the WW2 comment... A previous poster said it was all America's fault Nazi Germany took over Britian...obviously thats not true, as we were not involved at the time...Because it wasnt our battle. Then here Comes Japan with their attack on P.H. and what happened? We loaded our AIRPLANES, and all of the other flight machines that came outta it, and BLEW JAPAN UP... Hiroshima anyone?? Then we took our weapons and went over and handled Hitler... so really who's talkin shit about America?? Thats how America Rolls.... we mind our business, and fight for what we believe we need to (unless the Country elects a Moron like Bush).... and we leave everyone alone til the mess with us... its American Mentality. And the only thing the British have give us lately worth mentioning is Susan Boyle. Americans exist because they were sick of the British's shit to begin with. Other countries just fell in line after the Mayflower made it safely!!

by weird, i mean i'm not used to it. you don't need to get so hostile. i'm not racist, i am however unfamiliar with "normal english" and cool your jets.. i don't eat meat, nor do i watch television. but thank your for stereotyping :)


OH MY GOD. What the fuck just happened here? DId all of that really just spawn out of 1 word? All of you guys are pathetic idiots who should be stuffed into a hole and burned alive. Jesus Christ. What a waste. @OP: this is a real FML, although it kind of depends on how good at photoshop he is, if he's a real master then FYL for sure, but if not then i'm sure your mom/boss/friends etc won't really mind too much.

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UGH these comments make me so much more ashamed to be American. I do not associate myself with you morons.

ahahahhahaaha so many people have turned this FML into a massive reagonal war! im british and i can accept that americas done some pretty sweet things. like tv, we would be so damn bored without american tv! ahaha AAAAAAAAANYWAY... i dont believe this fml...gonna need picture proof

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Today, I argued about America vs. Britain on a completely irrelevant FML thread. FML.

OP did you post a thread something like this saying your ex boyfriend cheated on you and wanted to bail him out of jail the other day? Anyways you can have him arrested

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Ah, yes, Britain did this, America did this, blah blah blah. It doesn't really matter, because all of you (whether British or American) are sitting around doing nothing but barking at each other over something stupid. So you are all equally idiotic.

dvd175 5

Ummm..... WW1 was started by some terrorist group murdering archduke ferdinand, and then when the two countries went to war, the system of alliances in europe came into play and everyone started killing each other....the US wanted to be neutral, but then the germans sank the lusitania and sent a telegram to mexico asking for an alliance to take on the us..... At the end of the war, wilson wanted to forgive the germans, but the other european leaders wouldent have it and decided to punish, then sowing the seeds for ww2 and the rise of nazi germany. The US remained neutrral in WW2 untill the japs bombed pearl harbor...... So anyways, your claims of the united states starting both world wars is invalid.......... and also, this arguing about countries is pointless! The US and the UK are allies today. People could go on and on about which country is better but your arguments wont change the minds of the person your arguing against....

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r u an idiot? america joined the world wars because of the germans and japanese respectively. we were the last to enter each world war moron. and why r we discussing this irrelevant topic on this fml?

Jazzywrites007 2

I'm Here from Africa to say FUCK ALL THE NATIONS of the world except us! Naw I'm kidding. I really do love the nationalism of ALL the above posters though because Being sp passionately enraged and proud of where you're from is SUCH a turn-on... Speaking of which, I've done people on every continent and i think the Whole world id just... so great... =)

"An educational system that is admired the world over." Moon landing is plausible, good American education system is a lie. (Not including Universities, since there a ton of foreigners at mine and I don't even go to a top school. If people are willing to move across oceans to come to a non-ivy league school like mine then American colleges must be doing something right.)



...And this started from someone posting the word 'learnt'? I fear for the world. OP- Now you get to reiterate. Ever heard of a goatse? Photohop his face in there. I haven't seen the picture myself, so if the original guy's face isn't there, photoshop his face into the ass. What? Revenge is a dish best served cold.

If it weren't for Britain you wouldn't be talking, because England invented English, you moron. US-English is a bastardised version. UK-English is the real thing.

the only reason the french helped with the concord was so they could run away from conflict even faster than they ever had b4 :P lol

Agreed Americans posting superiority shit in this thread: You're absolutely retarded...we owe the level of technology and high moral standing we started with to Britain. We're no better than their time as world leaders they advanced the world every bit as much as we have. Britons posting superiority shit in this thread: You're absolutely retarded too...your country did the same thing as ours is doing now. They started their term of superiority in the world noble and just and it collapsed and became corrupt with time...just as ours is doing now...just as every world leading country has done throughout time. Just as there is Spanish and Portuguese there is English and American. Neither is wrong. One stemmed from the other. That is all...

hey Britain, WE WON THE WAR!!!! suck that bitches, you guys lost to a bunch of guys with 0 military training major fail on your part

Marakara 0

Are you referring to the Korea guerrilla forces or Vietnam? Oh, that was us.

Fisheyy 0

I hope they believed you. What an asshole boyfriend. Oh and can we please stop getting off topic?

#160.. beast, btw i would love a chance to bone that Elisabeth chick, major gilf.

I'm pretty sure that my 3 year old AMERICAN cousin can find the CITY he lives in on the GLOBE, you're just giving Brits a bad reputation on . Sad, isn't it? That a bunch of 30, 40, 50 year olds come on here for pure enjoyment?

crazy_legs_mcgee 0

#134, an good post (excellent by fml standards), but I have to say one thing. While I agree that GB and her commonwealth would have won the war if the US had not declared war, I believe they would have lost the war without our aide. Lend-Lease provided the material that enabled GB (and later the Soviets) to win. English soldiers shot ammo made in America, ate food made in America, and rode in trucks made in America. To say that they could have won the war without American support is doubtful at best.'re bashing Americans unrelentingly, and then try to avoid flames by telling us you like baseball and football. Alrighty.

Polionixon 2

.....really? WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWWOW i can't believe you just said that the U.S. started WWII. Maybe your from germany or something and for some odd reason they are trying to tell you that Hilter didn't exist. lol WOW ..................... THe U.S. only joined for the sole purpose that Japan bombed pearly harbor which happened in 1942? right? either way we came at the very tale end of it all. GO BACK TO HISTORY CLASS PLEASE! wow.

we won our revolutionary war we were a bunch of peasants you were a highly trained military and WE WON!!!! you aren't taught about it because your country is too embarrassed stop dwelling on the past Brits, you're history, we're the future

ky_stone22 0

wow. as...interesting as some of these posts are (US started WWI and WWII?), i'm very impressed with all your nationalism. it's a great thing to have pride in your country. i'm not sure i see the sense in arguing over who is better though...but still, many of you have made very strong points and arguments. each country is great, proud, dignified, and unique. it's something we all just need to respect and accept. but all this energy spent on arguing (and not just here in this FML) could and should be used on saving the environment or something equally as important and dire. not trying to be a hippie, but does it make sense? as an american, i can definately say that yes, we've done incredible and abominable things. so has everyone else on the map. we have our strengths and flaws, just like all the other places. understanding this could be another step toward world peace; once that is reached, we can focus on the more important issues that unite us. again, not trying to be a pansy or anything, but this is just my opinion.

way to go ky_stone22 way to show nationalism yourself ass, you should be arrested for treason


wow dude...all of that because one person pointed out that Brits and Americans speak/type differently. calm the fuck down...all of you. I mean, yeah, that was my sentiment paraphrased when i was in a pub in London and it took me 15 minutes to order some fries, while my friends sat there laughing. they knew what was up and finally one of them said to the waitress, 'he means a basket of chips.' yeah, I'd never heard anyone order fries like that, so I said, "weird...' my friend said he had the same reaction when he was trying like hell to order a basket of chips in an American restaurant. point is, yeah, we fucking talk differently. some people on either end are going to find it odd the way the other end speaks. get over it, your life is really sad if you take something like that so personally, so go die ASAP, because the human race needs to get rid of the carriers of stupidity. calm take some ritalin and calm the fuck down. and, most importantly, fuck off - THE MASTER

xoerica9 0

You guys are seriously having a fight over which country is more superior? You're cool xP Take note at the sarcasm.

haha mark266

@ 54: We mounted a laser on the moon. It beams signals to a station on the Earth everday. You can actually see it at night. Good job joining a small cult of ignorant people who blatantly ignore facts.

@72: 1. Reintroduced democracy into the world. 2.

authorkid 2

wow this is a dumb argument

in my opinion, NEW ZEALANDS the best. Our countries clean and has one of the lowest crime rates... And America didn't land on the moon. In the stupid video they made to try fool us, the American flag was waving. There is no atmosphere in space, therefore, impossible for the flag to do so. And, I don't remember who said, americans did NOT start WW2. An evil man named HITLER who was the dictator of Germany started the hollocaust -killing all the Jews- and started it all. He committed suicide in 1944 I think, because he couldn't stand defeat.

redrovaa 0

Can't an FML go without America saying it's the shit?

Ummmm Africa ftw?

#50 and #65 (mainly #65), you are making the rest of us Americans look bad. You think your so hot because Americans have invented stuff, and done stuff. Whoop-di-frickin-do. So has everyone else, so I would advise to please be quiet. Oh, and btw., I'm an American. And yes, I do love my country. I'm just saying that NOBODY is better. So stfu.

peasonearth 8

I like turtles.

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Yeah because stereotyping people into a group is not evil you dumb fucking bitch. Go be a lesbian so you can leave us guys along and to not spread your stupidity on to your offspring. If you do have kids they would probably win a Darwin Award in no-time.

Yup guys have CRAZY good photoshopping skills.

I hope OP means that he had photoshopped her face onto every person in the group sex picture, convincingly. I'm sure her friends, family and boss would have been shocked and appalled to discover that she likes to have group sex with multiple clones of herself.

GreenDaysGeekGrl 0

Lmao. Wow. Dood. Calm down. Jeeez. It was a joke you know? Ha ha. You posting that comment backs up my theory though, thank you. :)

majorFup 0

hey dont lump all our kind together im a good one very loyal and respectful ......then again there are other guys who are well....manwhores it happens too :P

I agree with majorFup. You can't always put someone in an easy category. Sure there are a few people who are the definite stereotype of something, but most people have many sides. And saying something that makes you sound stupid, hateful, and 8 years old (seriously, who says all men are bad past that age?) is not a theory.

GreenDaysGeekGrl 0

Omg. Lol. For real? I don't care, whatever. Maybe I should've put an lol or :p or something so you people wouldn't take it so seriously. Jeeez. I know there are good guys out there, calm down! Seriously. :p

spn_fanboy14 12

I agree that you are stereotyping all guys into a group I hope you know many of us are different and good people but please stop being a stupid ass femenazi

You sure know how to pick 'em....

friedpwnadge 25

This is all grounds for a huge defamation lawsuit. I would be on him like bad ethics on a politician.

sorry OP that sucks, but still it can't be that realistic if it's photoshopped, can it?

Let's just pray he really sucks at Photoshop. Maybe you can sue him for defamation or something.

skiBOAT 0

People on this site have shit luck with relationships...

duh that's the point. You don't post something good that happened in a relationship on F*ck my life!

People with shit luck relationships go to this site.

this is called fml.

Is this the one were your boyfriend got caught breaking into a model home.

ladiidaa 0

8D Lol, I was so thinking that. owo I can't believe 15+ posts are about English (UK) and English (US) =____= They're lengthy posts, too.

Yeah, I was wondering that too, but it's by a different poster. It would have made a funny double FML though.

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Wow, I would have kicked his ass to death if he had done that to me.

MrAdventure 1

Voted 'deserved it' mainly because he's STILL your boyfriend. DUMP HIS ASS!

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I'm pretty sure she said EX boyfriend. reading comprehension fail

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(It says ex-boyfriend)

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Damn. FYL.

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sending it to your boss, that could be grounds for a lawsuit.