By nr1234 - 24/05/2011 04:27 - United States

Today, I discovered that my boyfriend gets a nose bleed every time he orgasms. FML
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Hey, at least he doesn't have an orgasm every time he gets a bloody nose.

You're dating Jiraiya?! That's so perverted, shame on you!


You're dating Jiraiya?! That's so perverted, shame on you!

Loving the pic ^_^

Isn't he dead?

He'll be forever alive in spirit T_T

hey look on the bright side, he can never fake it now :)

69 appropriate ...i love jiraiya ;)

it's kinda sorta hard to fake an orgasm as a guy..........

Just in case you missed it, now you wont. And the tissues will be even more useful now!

Haha dang you beat me to it.

51- I have one word for you: Condoms. I've never done it, but I imagine that's one way.

naruto references ftw

ha. you're replying to something bout sex when you've never dome it.

Why f your life? F his life.

shes so good, she took his nose's virginity

nice pic bro lol

wait that's not normal ?

Lol but Jiraya's like, 52! Eh, who cares, ur still right! X3

Must be a good orgasm.

Do you squeal like a pig when you orgasm?

Am I the only one who finds this hot? Only me? Damn oh well.

We're not all hemophiles or BDSM enthusiasts, sorry =(

don't knock it til ya try it. :P ain't a hemophile but bdsm yes.

a great orgasm or some rough sex

Bano wins for previous FML reference

the blood just makes better lube

Tell him Viagra is a bad idea if one's got hypertension. Now, seriously, he should go to the doc. That doesn't seem healthy...

What's the problem? You pussy bleed every month. You're even

he makes a point

well at lest she's not over him.

what's the problem? discharging built up blood in the uterus is natural. nosebleeds are not.

lmfao I'm not even gonna tell you why cause you don't deserve to know

I surprised nobody has mentioned amine cause that happens in every anime I've seen. it would normally be when they see a naked just not orgasm..

Wow that's weird :S Send him to the doctor

Hey, at least he doesn't have an orgasm every time he gets a bloody nose.

That would be interesting

that would be an endless cycle...

Are you a philosopher or something?

haha I see what you did there!!

you could love him to death if you wanted too

FHL, he might want to get that looked at. Also, don't go too hard on him, that would be a difficult death to explain to his parents.

True that he might need to get it looked at, because bleeding does sound extreme to me, but the reason this happens is because there is actually erectile tissue in the nose. Some people sneeze the first few seconds after they get turned on, but only at the begining and only a few sneezes, so getting it looked at is a good idea.

High blood pressure more likely. The increase during an orgasm could be causing a minor rupture of blood vessels in his nose, i.e. the nose bleed. Tell him to get to a doctor, or pick up a vampire fetish in the sack! :O

hahaha vampire fetish

or get into bloodplay

So, if he ever comes home from "work" with a blood nose or blood on his shirt, you know what's up lol