By JJBones - / Friday 29 June 2012 10:03 / Canada - Red Deer
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  instnt1nfction  |  16

Boy: "you should see that movie"
Girl: "k"
5 minutes later....
Girl: "why didn't you reply to me? Do you hate me? Is it because I'm ugly? Why don't you love me? LOVE MEEEE"

But seriously, people, how do we reply to "k"?


Stop twistibg my words. I'm not asking for anyone to reply to "K". -.- I also know very well that there is more to life than texting, I'm just saying that it's rude to simply not reply to a text. Those are some really nice stereotypes you've got there, though. Good job. :)

  Zomg_Okay  |  26

There are many reasons one might not reply to a text in a decent amount of time. For example:

-No credit
-Phone is charging at home
-Receiver of message is too busy (e.g: they're at work)
-Receiver's phone is on silent and they don't notice the message (e.g: they're in a meeting).

I could go on but the point I'm making is that just because someone doesn't immediately reply to a text doesn't make them rude. There could be any number of valid reasons for not replying.

  JohnBoyFsYL  |  10

If both people adhered to this 'rule' of always replying to a text cos it's "rude not to" surely you'd be trapped in a never ending text stream, no time for sleep, study, fun. Personally, if I'm doing something like I'm out with friends or playing a game or driving and I get a text I'll leave it and reply later. Really pisses me off when people sit there on their phone all day when you're out at a bar or something.


92- Twisting my words again. I said it was ok not to reply on texts like "K" or "You bet" because those are obvious signs that the conversation is over. But if somebody sends you "Happy birthday!" or "What's up?" or "I can't hang out today afterall." it should only be natural to reply!

  NoraT_fml  |  6

Really? Not replying to a text is rude? Grow up. And also, SET DOWN YOUR PHONE!! Maybe you can talk to your friends face to face for once in your life and not threw a text. Oh. That's comeing from a 16yr old girl.

  Jaxx66  |  21

Pandacupcake- please refer back to 87's reply. Sometimes you can't answer. Driving, working, cooking, watching a movie with *gasp* another friend!

So it's not rude. I personally think its rude to expect people to put down everything they're doing just to text 'you' back. Not to mention self-absorbed.

While I'm here, on the topic of cats! My fuzzy Masters who speak to me through the tinfoil hat say that OP's BF probably did a terrible job, but they are too lazy napping to fix it.

  MizzKilljoy69  |  11

142- then what are you trying to say? I'm pretty sure not replying back isn't "rude" unless you have a good excuse, for example: making an album dedicated to cats :)

  tmaq973  |  7

83- when you're trying to correct someone on their spelling, or anything for that matter, please back up your opinion with something called google. It can make you look like a somewhat educated Neanderthal rather than an idiot who's still learning how to read or write

  BubbleGrunge  |  18

This is why we can't have nice things. Because girls like you give us woman bad names. If I have a problem with my boyfriend, I'm going to try to fix it instead of "dumping him"

  IsAbElLiCiA20  |  6

17 & 22 - How is she supposed to talk to him and "fix" things when he's IGNORING HER.
She's been trying to talk to him!
This wouldn't be a problem if he wasn't ignoring her in the first place and creating this situation.

  BubbleGrunge  |  18

Oh man sweetheart, OP never said he was ignoring her, he didn't answer her text. Could have been one text could have been ten but that doesn't mean he's ignoring her. You jump to conclusions and this is how miscommunication happens. I don't need to be up my boyfriends ass all the time, nor do I get bent when he doesn't answer me an write and FML about it.

  ByronJess  |  17

We don't know the whole story, just because he hasn't responded to a few texts doesn't mean that he's being a jerk, a douche, a loser, a dick, or any other name people can come up with. There could be a lot more to this story... Perhaps her texts weren't that important and he didn't see the need for a reply. Or, he was in the middle of uploading all the pictures from his phone when she texted him and he was going to reply once he finished the album. I think people forget that just because you have the capability to have an instant reply with texting, it doesn't mean you HAVE to have that instant reply.

  IsAbElLiCiA20  |  6

No I understand you both completely.

My boyfriend doesn't respond to me immediately nor do I to him, we both have our own lives and things to do other than trying to text back at the speed of lightning.

But, when we know we are doing something that takes our attention away for most of the day, we let each other know we are going to be busy and will contact one another when we can. That way there is proper communication and no way to leave one another worried about anything.

So because OP's boyfriend couldn't do that out of consideration for OP, that's wrong on his part. It could be the first time he's done it and that's not a big deal, they just gotta talk it out. But it could also have been done numerous times causing OP to be fed up and post an FML. We don't know.

  ALpein  |  0

Truthfully, I can see where the idea he is ignoring her is coming from because my best friend and I text constantly. When her texts start coming an hour or two later, I feel a bit nervous. (And I suck at phone calls. Bad.) But over all, it's no reason to dump him. I'm not going to get mad at my friend and make it so we're not friends anymore.

  BubbleGrunge  |  18

110- I can understand where you are coming from, my BFF and I live three states apart and text constantly. But, I also understand she has a life and we can't always text each other every minute. I don't get all bent if she uploaded a album instead of answering me right away. Actually, if I don't get a text back within a few hours I'll text are you ok or pick up the phone and call. But, I sure don't go dumbing our 13 year friendship because she didn't answer me right away. There is a HUGE difference between being annoyed after a while and "dumping them"

  kyleekay  |  25

6- Do you really think a guy not replying to a text is grounds to end the relationship?

Well, shit. My husband spent some time on facebook today and didn't text me back...

Guess it's time to file for divorce.


That is beyond sad. I don't know about other people but texting gets extremely annonying and maybe OP was being a bitch or over reacting like she is now... I wonder how long OP's boyfriend didn't text her back, i've talked to girls who ask why you havn't texted back after 3-5 minutes it is so annonying...

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