By pansypup - 03/09/2015 02:30 - United States - Rio Rancho

Today, I discovered that my 100-pound Rottweiler is absolutely terrified of (drumroll please) orange peels. Yup. A byproduct of my lunch will turn this hulking monolith with teeth into a whimpering puddle of pee. FML
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Lots of dogs dislike citrus from what I've heard. So maybe he was reacting to the smell?


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Except the fact that whimpering and peeing themselves is not a way to teach them to be good, it's more like a form of abuse because that dog sounds like it´s being hurt mentally.

Better than him being afraid of home invaders...?

Unless they are home invaders with orange peels.

My dog was afraid of napkins. She would bolt into a different room and whine until she felt the napkins were well hidden. It was a good way to get her to not beg for food though. They all have their little quirks. Then again, I don't think she ever peed when she saw one.

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My dog Radar loved licking lemons. Every so often he'd take a nibble and make a face, but then he'd keep licking it.

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not all dogs. Mine love all types.

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All 5 of mine love citrus. Rubbing the peels on them repels fleas, too.

My dogs beg me whenever I eat oranges, so that's not true for all dogs.

My dog eats oranges like it's nobody's business. But then again, she's afraid of the kitchen tap, so she might just be a bit strange.

my dog loves lemons for some strange reason

I don't understand why you think your dog is a large upright rock normally used as a pillar... Because that's what a monolith is...

Maybe because he's huge and heavy and won't budge, like a big rock?

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I'm pretty sure the word OP was looking for was 'monolithic', e.g. like a monolith. Technically the TheOnlyGod is correct.

I love over dramatic wording. but the whole stone part does make it a little odd of a word choice. I would like to see more good words to use here because I can't think of any good ones, and if you gonna judge you better be a good enough writer to have something monumentally better.

#49 A metaphor is when you identify something as being the same as some unrelated thing for rhetorical effect. So phrases like 'my dog is a hulking monolith', 'SneezyBear is a walking dictionary' and '#49 is not the sharpest tool in the shed' would be metaphors. Kapiche?

Lots of dogs dislike citrus from what I've heard. So maybe he was reacting to the smell?

My 90lb giant Labrador is scared of old men. Like, when my grandfather comes over he cries and hides, lots dogs all have strange fears. My old dog had a chronic fear of bubbles.

Your old dog must have had a bad incident with bubbles and being attacked by a fish.

your old dog must be a growlithe, attacked by a horde of magikarps

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My sister had a big 70lb+ standard poodle that was scared of fart noises. We found out as I was playing with fart puddy. She immediately pulled her tail between her legs and sprinted out of the room.

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I used to have a German shepherd who was afraid of handbag-sized dogs.

I had a toy poodle that would try to play with any thing bigger then her but scared of anything smaller