By hatemyjob - 23/06/2011 18:13 - United States

Today, I discovered that even though I now have a key to get into the office, I don't know the code to shut off the alarm system. I showed up early. FML
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You may want to start running.

enonymous 8

Have you not been watching Burn Notice? you'll need a cheap cellphone, Christmas tinsel and some homemade plastic explosives to bypass the alarm system


You may want to start running.

B&E! Bacon and eggs? No but that shits delicious!

ReptarRAWR23 0

Haha why you wouldn't get in trouble..

eminemchick 19

then I understand ypur choice of username, op ^_^

eminemchick 19

*your, sorry

imacreeper 3

quick! take everything you can and run for it. if anyone asks, you saw the "theif" and entered the building - that's the reason for the alarms.

flockz 19

why run? he could be like those muggers and just walk away.

imacreeper 3

waiting for an important business call from inside the building so they could mug that too huh?

iSitt 0

she's probably on video

Sounds like you had and interesting day...

Thabb 0

Wad it raining?

no it was snowing

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

actually it was raining cookies and pickles.

do you guys know nothing? it wad obviously raining midget otters and orange cats. there wasn't any clouds, but there was a double rainbow.

eminemchick 19

lol 3 reference to the simpsons?xD

Lumenoire 0

It was raining berries and cream.

maybe, if you're lucky, the police will give you a strip search.

do you guys know nothing? it wad obviously raining midget otters and orange cats. there wasn't any clouds, but there was a double rainbow.

I think you want the comment above mine.

wow. that one guy's comment got deleted. I wasn't talking to myself, I swear.

or you can pay him money for him to see you naked... ;)

IndiRae 9

If you managed to set off the alarms even with a key, you may have bigger problems than you realize.

lonewolf6613 4

the alarm usually goes of when the door is opened even with a key. well it don't really go off. it like beeps for about a minute and then the sirens go off if u don't put the code

This was a prank set up by your superiors.

Could've called a co-worker.

smooth move try some random numbers like 420

hisgirlherboy 5

smooth move ex-lax

lmao that'll teach you from showing up to work early and trying to be productive!


I don't think the boss is the main problem. Now maybe if only two cops come to investigate, OP can have the problem solved before her coworkers show up...

How does the alarm go off if you have a key...?

But if you unlock the door with a key the alarm shouldnt go off.... pretty simple logic.

FreebirdIII 1

you open the door, go to a keypad, enter a code, and the alarm is turned off. no code = alarm going off. I did this in crayon for you by the way.

I only understand in colored pencil, crayons confuse me too much. I did that in sarcasm for you by the way.

FreebirdIII 1

crayon was referring to your simple logic. trying to simplify things for you.

puppy23 3

At my work they were seperate but we also set the door pad up so that if you entered your code backwards (under duress) it automatically called the police.

Well all i needed was a simple, Theyre on 2 separate systems.

A7X_LoVeee 10


Alarms can go off even if you have a key, my nan's house has an alarm that you have to type in the code for it even if you have opened the door with the key. No code, alarm will keep going. o-o

nickbucci1252 0

are u really that stupid come on of course if you unlock the door u don't turn off the alarm COME ON MAN