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  TheHcwalker  |  20

Maybe he didn't realize, I tend to zone out on planes because I get pretty nervous on them, and I stop paying attention, he probably just said oops and left.

By  melisssa87  |  30

Oh so sorry, thats one of my fears so those few times I use public bathrooms I hang on to the handle with everything I got and at the same time try to pee or whatever

By  InfiniteSunshine  |  32

If a bathroom door is fully closed, I always knock. I mean, does that not make sense? Wouldn't you rather take the 2seconds to knock and make sure no one is in there, rather than risking walking in on someone. I grew up with the rule, when a door is completely closed, it means the room is occupied, and you shouldn't just barge in without giving a warning.


My grandpa was the one who installed this rule into me, "closed door, especially with the light on = occupied. Door open = obviously free." When I was little, I would actually get upset if someone violated this rule lol. It still just makes the most sense to me, why do you need to close a door behind you if no one is using the room? Just creates confusion.

  HylianBadger  |  21

#11 I have to keep my bathroom door shut at all times to keep my cats and dog from digging in the trash or drinking out the toilet. So our rule is if the door's closes but the light's on, occupied, if the light's off, unoccupied. We make sure our guests are aware of it as well.


Ok, I understand that #18, but at least you make everyone aware of this. I still say when you're out in a public place though, or a different house where rules haven't been specified, if a door is closed, always best to knock and make sure.

  fishinpink  |  20

I call it the "common sense gene" (abbreviated as csg) which is distributed at no cost by the Brainworm Distribution Factory of the Cranial Production System. It even comes with a lifetime replacement warranty for those who damage the part, say by indulging in too many drugs or alcohol...unfortunately not all beings take advantage of such a life-saving device therefor many of those lacking the csg are likely to be smacked in the forehead followed by the notorious "you should have had a V8" exclamation.

By  Hcyanide  |  8

Luckily I knew beforehand but coming back from India with sufficient India guts to almost get me hospitalised I almost had someone enter while I was swapping sides