By vikts - Luxembourg - Olm
Today, I discovered that as thanks for my successful efforts to increase my company's monthly revenue, my dumbass of a boss has been awarded a pay bonus. He's wasted no time telling everyone about the sports car he's planning to buy with it. FML
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  cookie_3008  |  4

"Sit back and enjoy the results"?? You say this like if the boss was really going to fall for it. I'm sure he is an asshole, not an idiot. Just sayin'. =)


Lexus SC convertible for sure. Miatas are pretty popular as track day cars, and the racing crowd loves them. They're also not very expensive. The Lexus on the other hand, he could blow a good sum of money on for very little actual sport factor.

  TwiztedYuri  |  9

use a syringe to inject about 2eggs into the sealing tubes on the door and let the heat do the rest. or mix chlorine and rubbing alcohol in a plastic bottle Do NOT shake until you put it in his car.

  MDTeddy  |  13

Why a sports car? They have like no room. I am sorry about hating on them. I just like having room like a Suburban for example. Also, how would one go about having sexual intercourse in one?

  kyleekay  |  25

36- Two things.

1) As far as I know, insurance is only mandatory right when you get your license (at least in Arizona). If that's the case, driving without insurance is doable, as long as you don't get caught (not saying that is the right thing to do).

2) It's a joke. Impracticality is the basis of most jokes. Frankie says "relax".