By ewwww - 06/04/2011 19:31 - United States

Today, I discovered that an unmentioned side effect of my new medication is body zits. I now have zits on my neck, my ear, and inside my nose. FML
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Oh yeah? I've gotten zits in all of those places PLUS on my chest and back...And it wasn't the side effect of a medication. It was just adolescence and genetics.

rebekahah 7

ohh ewwie! but that does suck! fyl




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proactive!!! yuck yuck yuck!!!!!!

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Haha, good one. That was a little random though?

you must have been saving that one till the right moment. nice

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Omg what's the name of that medication?? so I know not go near it

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72, does your secret identity happen to be Tweety Bird?


I got one on the inside of my eyelid

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That's impossible? Zits are caused by clogged pores from the oils we secrete, inside are dead bacteria, the oil, and dead skin. Last time I checked we didn't have pores on the inside of our eyelids.


OP never said the inside of their eyelids...

um I'm pretty sure every part of your skin has pores...

our eyelids contain hair follicles, where there's a follicle, bacteria and sebum can build up.

plus there are oil glands. People get Styes, no? so it's completely plausible to get a zit there.

midnightbella 0

i once got a sty that was so bad my entire eyelid was swollen shut for a week

yea whats the name so i can get gallons of it

my uncle is allergic to cats and when he was at our house he got a blister on his eye

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2-- you're cute !!

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Don't bitch.

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the leat YDI I ever seen !!!!!

KUSHaholic 0

* least

Bet they've all been popped by now.

Just curious... What medication do you use on your neck, ears, and inside your nose?

joa76 3

It's most likely an oral medication, meaning it gets into the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body, making side effects possible anywhere. That just happens to be where it showed up for the OP.

rebekahah 7

ohh ewwie! but that does suck! fyl

the nose is a terrible place for them coz it hurts more.

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you lick her neck then ._. Mr.zits turn me on

49 don't deny it, you got turned on from this FML

Oh yes! very.. LOL

56 Øh ya you can't even help it :-)

Na's too hard to resist...cmon now ._________. lol

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what kind of sick love is goin' on between you two here?????

just needs a right amount of pressure to squeeze it all out

77 don't interrupt the love affair between me and ice god!

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Gross, pop them !

That will make them worse genius.

hotscar 3

you're actually supposed to poke them with a sterile needle and squeeze the puss out... gross, I know

Autoshot 9

Yea, I thought Zit Popping 101 was mandatory nowadays..

zach456 0

that's just nasty

"Ewww," says the girl with a piece of metal embedded in her tongue.

Who gets zits inside their nose? Wtf?!

LifeSuckz0415 0

seriously, I didn't know you could get them inside. That's freaking sick

Then I'm sure that you guys never heard of chicken pox getting inside your nose as well.

I got a few inside. They weren't noticeable but FREAKING OW when you touch it...

It is possible to get zits anywhere on your body. Gross but true.

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I have and it's freaking painful

everyone will at one point in there lifetime

mrslewis 16

Thats exactly what i thought lol

they hurt and are fucking impossible to pop

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Good sick or bad sick? Never mind, don't answer that.