By jbthedude - 05/08/2011 09:57 - United Kingdom

Today, I discovered that airbags aren't nearly as comfy as they look. FML
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....they don't look that comfortable, though....

better than hitting the steering wheel with your head...


you look like a man

Well sometimes all you gotta do is pretend it's a giant marshmallow, then when your looking forward to getting hit- CRASH! All that enjoyment over how soft it might be gets knocked outta ya and your unconscious and possibly ganna slip into a coma for bout some weeks. Please, enjoy your mallow while it lasts ;)

And knowing is half the battle!

That is true, the other half of the battle as you so put, is experiencing it firsthand. ;)

Depends whitch ones ;)

All of them will hurt you in the end...

You spelled WHICH wrong...

#73 I know ;) Read the previous FMLs, you will understand why!

they said airbags, not funbags

Previous FML says that he spelled it like witch*. Double Fail.

Instead of "which" so I mixed both... relax :D

so you wanted a comfy pillow to fall into if you crash? I'd rather live than die because your airbag was uncomfortable.

Yeah, car crashes aren't supposed to be comfortable. -_-

If car crashes were comfortable, my insurance would be through the roof.

actualy we did an experiment in physics and pillows worked quite a bit better than airbags but you can't compact a pillow in your dash or steering wheel

That sounds painful.

That's what your mom thought last night, but I was able to change her mind pretty quickly...

an airbag comming at u at 300kmh is still gonna hurt like a son of a bitch lol.. it's like getting punched in the face by a boxer haha

....they don't look that comfortable, though....

You kinda look like that guy from Live Free or Die Hard... He is Bruce Willis' sidekick in that movie, so to speak. I can't remember his damn name though.

I agree.... I hope that you're okay OP!

Justin Long! He's married to Drew Barrymore.

That's it... Thanks Bravo, lol

:o well thanks! If it's ok that I take that as a compliment. :p

Haha Anytime!

You could just as easily say the same thing as a pillow... When it comes out fast enough to get to you before you get to the windshield, it's going to hurt. Would you rather be dead? Didn't think so.

better than hitting the steering wheel with your head...

Ouch sucks to be u

UGH! all my life I thought they were like a big soft pillow! :(

a big soft pillow coming at you with the force to kill a child, of course. You're lucky that you're attractive because there are some spaces in your thought process

as a pillow fight veteran I can tell you that a pillow can fuck u up if it hits hard enough