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Well sometimes all you gotta do is pretend it's a giant marshmallow, then when your looking forward to getting hit- CRASH! All that enjoyment over how soft it might be gets knocked outta ya and your unconscious and possibly ganna slip into a coma for bout some weeks. Please, enjoy your mallow while it lasts ;)

  Sweej  |  1

You kinda look like that guy from Live Free or Die Hard... He is Bruce Willis' sidekick in that movie, so to speak. I can't remember his damn name though.

By  Sweej  |  1

You could just as easily say the same thing as a pillow... When it comes out fast enough to get to you before you get to the windshield, it's going to hurt. Would you rather be dead? Didn't think so.

  starsfan_9  |  7

a big soft pillow coming at you with the force to kill a child, of course. You're lucky that you're attractive because there are some spaces in your thought process