By bleh - 27/11/2010 00:23 - United States

Today, I discovered my parents took me to a specialist when I was a baby because they thought I had a facial deformity. It turns out I'm just ugly. FML
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I didn't know Sarah Jessica Parker wrote FML's!

A lady gets on a bus while holder a very ugly baby. She sits down in the back, and immediately the man next to her looks at the baby and says, "That's the ugliest baby I've ever seen!" Disgusted, the woman goes to the driver and tells him what the man said. The driver says, "You should go back there and give him a piece of your mind. Here, let me hold your monkey..."

Comments that's something no one wants to hear....

Agreed. It's just cruel to tell your child that :P

Meg? i swear it was for you're own good

Aw 41, I'm disappointed. The Meg joke was too obvious. I was hoping for a Jennifer Love Hewitt ref.

I didn't know Sarah Jessica Parker wrote FML's!

I thought it was funny.. Haha.

is there a problem grace?

Behave? No such thing here in FML.-

Try and keep it respectful, guys. :-)

haha! that's awesome!

Megan Fox looked like a troll as a little girl, and she's smoking hot now. And for anyone that wants to say it... Yes, I'm aware it's all/mostly fake.. I'm just saying it's fixable.

yeah I the cutest when I was a baby and now look how I turned out, just cause you looked one way as a baby doesn't mean that when you grow up you'll look the same.

You won't bait me into checking out your profile

I'll take the bait then. It's only one click to see the pic on an iPod and I'm bored as Hell.

Not bad 13, but you need more face-licking best friends in the pic to spruce it up a bit. Or perhaps a fake plant in the corner.

Fake plant? Is the Naruto bearing fruits? o_O???

even before she got the surgerys she was smoking hot in high school. :P

I was ok till I was 5, then I was ugly till I was 13.

Meghan fox isn't hot. Just saying.

my boyfriend doesn't think she's hot either

The joy of plastic surgery

Your parents are stupid.

bamagrl410 31

No sarcastic/funny comment this time? I'm disappointed... ha

Dam those parents have to learn how to love their kids Even if they might look ugly in a period....

There must be something wrong with the site on my end, because I don't see anything about being unloved.. Taking OP to a specialist seems pretty loving.. They thought it necessary

Nobody is ugly

There's loads of ugly people. Don't lie just to sound perfect... Damn

Honey Boo Boo's mother.

some parents can be really insensitive ...

Nobody is ugly

That's really sad, actually.