By Creep - 15/07/2011 23:10 - United States

Today, I discovered my new plug-in air freshener smells exactly like my ex-boyfriend's cologne. My friends noticed this, and nobody will believe me when I say it smelled different on the scratch-and-sniff. Now I'm considered a creep. A nostalgic, obsessed creep. FML
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ilynorrington 0

how are u the creep if they remember what ur ex's cologne smells like? lol

mintcar 9

Just get rid of the freshener, problem solved.


Look on the bright side... At least it does smell like his balls... Then you'd be a hairy balls obsessed creep, and that would not be a good look...

I like the smell of my boyfriends balls in the morning!

but then again if it did smell like his balls none of her friends should recognize that smell... or you would have a bigger problem at hand

flockz 19

big balls? in our hands?

don't get rid of it, just get a new scent and your good!(:

Freshener+Trash can=Problem solved :D

to be honest I didn't know they had cologne fragranced air fresheners

10 - how could you like chocolate cocks over chocolate tits?!?!?

What I don't get is.. Where are you getting plug in fresheners that smell like a specific cologne? Cause all I can find is vanilla or apple cinnamon...

69 maybe he was more into perfumes than colognes

why would anyone even no wat he smells like?? now THAT'S creppy

WaylonD 4

Who said it was a she? My Gaydar is goin off the charts here!!

GuessWhatKids 13

YDI op for buying a Doritos and Miller lite scented air freshener. And wouldn't the friends be creeps for knowing what their friend's ex-boyfriend smells like?

87, The little female sex icon next to the FML. so yer, I think your gayder might need a little fixing.

orgin1 0

I read that was interesting

Ahhhh, the old scratch and sniff lie...

Ahhhh, the old scratch and sniff lie...

mintcar 9

Just get rid of the freshener, problem solved.

I wouldn't get rid of it. That's a stupid reason to think you're being creepy.. Who even notices that?

mintcar 9

Why would she want the smell of her ex boyfriend lingering around the house? Frankly, I'd cough up a few bucks and replace it. The last thing I would wanna smell is the scent of my ex boyfriend diffusing through my home.

if she was really over him, she could handle the scent. Besides, just because her and her boyfriend broke up, doesn't mean she still can't like the cologne he wore...

mintcar 9

While that maybe true, some scents usually trigger some sort of memory. Even if I /was/ over an ex boyfriend, I wouldn't want my house smelling like him. Eh, to each their own I suppose.

It probably wasn't super obvious to the OP. It could have been a mixture of something with sandalwood, considering sandalwood is very popular scent for both cologne and air fresheners.

dontbjello 1

my thought exactly

Wudadoll7 5

Aw man, that sucks lol...

Lauren10102 3

I enjoy looking at your hat

flockz 19

that water tower is looking mighty fine as well lauren.


And that dog looks like a true winner! WE HAVE JUST ACHIEVED A: C-C-COMPLIMENT C-C-COMBO!!!

flockz 19

air santa is a baller.

slushpup9696 12

I like how your dog is sideways...

I like how skinny your cat is.

Jake_2013 0

I like how your circle has a diagonal line through it.

I like how you have a little blue guy in your pic!

lottso88 4

I like how your hat sits on your head.

SunDropGirl 0

I like your two 'love birds'

alexg823 0

I don't like your flat ass.

i like your ability to express yourself

mynameis1339 0

Hmm, you could always throw that one away and buy a different sent?

yummayy_ 11

Plug it in, plug it in. :)

Badass pic alert shield your eyes from the epicness!!!

whoops, posted that by accident. I was gonna say that maybe your ex is so cheap that instead of buying real cologne he uses the air freshener that you currently have. Or not.

yummayy_ 11

... what?

Then just replace it! Then you won't be a nostalgic, obsessed creep.

maybe his cologne was freaking air freshner?!?!?

No, replacing it would just be too easy.

You smell like a winner :D

He might be one of those guys that drenches themselves in cologne to mask the fact that they never shower.

ilynorrington 0

how are u the creep if they remember what ur ex's cologne smells like? lol

Yogo_fml 7

Don't forget to smile OP

Yogo_fml 7

*sigh* I meant to post that in your other comment -_-

shekerah 0

thts the same thing I'm here sayin how does ur friend knows watt he smells like unless she use to be underneath him when ur no around...

the same thing i got in mind

Stick to febreeze :D