By Amy - 19/05/2010 20:19 - France

Today, I discovered my boyfriend has a thing for pregnant women. I'm not pregnant though, my roommate is. FML
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epoh_fml 0

sucks for you :/ is the baby his?

He's attracted to pregnant woman? Hopefully he won't get you pregnant for the sake of it. lmfao


epoh_fml 0

sucks for you :/ is the baby his?

Hope why are you messing around with the ops boyfriend?! Hmmm.

epoh_fml 0

lol Sean :D

BeZe 0


he likes then cause he doesn't get them pregnant no condom. you need to get pregnant fast.

tjrocks1294 0

Lol I hope Hope isn't messing with him

He's attracted to pregnant woman? Hopefully he won't get you pregnant for the sake of it. lmfao

epoh_fml 0

naw I stay away from men who are attracted to pregnant ladies. I'm not trying to always be pregnant :)

get pregnant then

bit disturbing??

That's kinda kinky..

They don't use birth control so a sexually active Mormon will prolly be pregnant more than people who do use it.

epoh_fml 0

aren't Catholics not supposed to use birth control either? regardless, I'm pretty sure most religions allow for birth control methods such as natural family planning.

I didn't know that. I should prolly know this since my grandma's a nun...

ThatsJustMii 0

lol sean


davek 36


What I don't understand is this, why girls always get some kind of tendency to steal a guy who is "attached" to another girl? Even he is a jerk? Wish my lady calexis would not do that though. ;p

36- I thought that nuns couldn't get pregnant or is that preists ?

well I mean that preists can't get married

Allybuns 0

nuns aren't allowed to have children...

blindyblonde13 0

hope- im catholic and i use birth control... but then again, we're not supposed to have sex till marrage.. so what do i know haha(:

You thought wrong. She became a nun after she had kids and divorced my grandpa. Anyway she's really nice and not the strict type catholic nun everyone thinks of. But I guess the correct term is sister (we call her Sister Grandma, lol) if that makes a difference.

I just love that Hope is first on this FML. Too perfect :P And i dont get it.. is the roommate pregnant with his child or not? :S

blindyblonde13 0

sean- i dont get it "sister grandma"?? and youre #69(: hahahaha adriana- i think thats where the op was headed...

She's a sister(like a nun), and a grandma. like other people would say sister sharon we say sister grandma. What don't you get?

blindyblonde13 0

ohhhhhh i understand noww, thank you(:

WilliamRTW 0

ur pretty

blindyblonde13 0

@75- me?

bukknasty 0

i'm not going to lie, having sex with a hot pregnant woman is a fantasy of mine.

33: Many religions do; human nature, nor so much! I had a lot of quite religious friends who "used NFP." Most celebrated their first anniversary with a newborn in tow :)

blindyblonde13 0

jimmy- he still does a little bit lol :D thats okay tho... we here at fml dont judge:P

hser2012 0

my great grandmother was a nun. you can have children then become a nun.

vergaso 0

I don't believe birth control is a sin because they were considered sins by god years ago as in before birth control pills and condoms existed so that's not possible

At 29: You look like you love your job:p

anlhawks 5

Catholics arent supposed to use synthetic birth control which I think is quote dumb, i'm catholic but some stuff confuses me, like using birth control where if the girl got pregnant she would probbly get an abortion if sh didn't want it:/

danehilts 0

noooo y'all got it wrong maybe he just likes her more than you

@89, the point is to wait until marriage to have sex and to only have sex to reproduce, as nature intended. To do otherwise is to "play God", because you are taking something that is supposed to happen (babies) when you do something (sex) and then altering it for your own reasons. I'm not saying I'm for or against birth control and premarital sex, but I am also Catholic and hopefully that helps you understand it better.

bukknasty 0

redbluegreen is absolute right on the dot with that comment!! and Sean I have an aunt that's a nun, we call her sister aunt. haha

bc and condoms infer sex before marriage which would be fornication.... so... not saying married couples don't use it.

priests can get married... monks can't get married...

blindyblonde13 0

dgirl- youre wrong, priests cannot get married...

usnwife 18

My great aunt was a nun and had 5 kids... She was married and they had kids, and after her husband died she became a nun. As a nun (or priest) you don't get married or have any sort of romantic relations, "married to God."

evolutionsfox 0

Ouch :)

geez 1 how old are you?!?

epoh_fml 0

I'll be 26 in August. Why?

epoh_fml 0

it will be a good thing when I'm 40 :)

tehamericanboy94 0

Hott Preggos = Awesome sex

thingymajig 0

HAHAHAHAHA.... but yeah, that kinda sucks...

well u need to get pregnant op. it's the only way to stay with him.

That's awful! I'm truly sorry :(

that pics not fair

megamandude455 10

hey 5 your purdy

I hope your not wondering how that thing got in there. he planted a baby fetish plant.

tell him to make u pregnant


that's a wierd fetish but I've heard worse

YDI for being infertile you know how much time he spent with a needle and condoms?!

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FYLDeep 25

Does this mean he got her pregnant, or that he's attracted to pregnant women? This sounds so weird.

epoh_fml 0

that's what I was trying to figure out . . .

sourgirl101 28

It's not weird at all. Some men love pregnant women. My husband was so turned on by my extra curves and my huge breast. I had to fend him off of me all the time. For example you, I think it Epoh? ( sorry not sure on your name) look super cute with your baby bump.

epoh_fml 0

thanks :) let me clarify that I don't think that it's wierd to be attracted to a pregnant woman. But I would find it odd if a man went out of his way to make his wife/girlfriend pregnant because he was so attracted to pregnant women :)

if he's ur boyfriend he must hav thot ur pregnant to even go out wit u XD