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  epoh_fml  |  0

aren't Catholics not supposed to use birth control either?

regardless, I'm pretty sure most religions allow for birth control methods such as natural family planning.

  cincin75  |  0

What I don't understand is this, why girls always get some kind of tendency to steal a guy who is "attached" to another girl? Even he is a jerk?

Wish my lady calexis would not do that though. ;p

  seanreddog  |  4

You thought wrong. She became a nun after she had kids and divorced my grandpa. Anyway she's really nice and not the strict type catholic nun everyone thinks of. But I guess the correct term is sister (we call her Sister Grandma, lol) if that makes a difference.

  vergaso  |  0

I don't believe birth control is a sin
because they were considered sins by god years ago
as in before birth control pills and condoms existed so that's not possible

  anlhawks  |  5

Catholics arent supposed to use synthetic birth control which I think is quote dumb, i'm catholic but some stuff confuses me, like using birth control where if the girl got pregnant she would probbly get an abortion if sh didn't want it:/

  redbluegreen  |  40

@89, the point is to wait until marriage to have sex and to only have sex to reproduce, as nature intended. To do otherwise is to "play God", because you are taking something that is supposed to happen (babies) when you do something (sex) and then altering it for your own reasons. I'm not saying I'm for or against birth control and premarital sex, but I am also Catholic and hopefully that helps you understand it better.

  usnwife  |  18

My great aunt was a nun and had 5 kids... She was married and they had kids, and after her husband died she became a nun. As a nun (or priest) you don't get married or have any sort of romantic relations, "married to God."

  sourgirl101  |  28

It's not weird at all. Some men love pregnant women. My husband was so turned on by my extra curves and my huge breast. I had to fend him off of me all the time. For example you, I think it Epoh? ( sorry not sure on your name) look super cute with your baby bump.

  epoh_fml  |  0

thanks :)

let me clarify that I don't think that it's wierd to be attracted to a pregnant woman. But I would find it odd if a man went out of his way to make his wife/girlfriend pregnant because he was so attracted to pregnant women :)