By icareaboutmyhair - 28/02/2011 15:27 - Estonia

Today, I discovered I have dandruff, which I never had before. I googled the possible reasons and those are depression and hormones. Not only have I not had sex for a year, but it's also the reason I have dandruff. And apparently I'm depressed. How sexy is that? FML
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ulicksam 0

What a drama queen! How about dry skin??

Are you retarded? Dandruff typically comes from dry skin... people who wash their hair too much, or sweat to much. I've NEVER heard of it being depression based, and I'm 3rd year pre-med.


chocolatedream 0

that sux for you but dandruff is disgusting it makes the persons hair look dirty!

Noooo... Really? Dandruff makes your hair look dirty? Are you sure about that? This is news to me! /Sarcasm.

I hate the both of your comments. but that's my shitty opinion

PsychoEmoChick 3

Dude! I have dandruff and my hair looks just fine

ulicksam 0

What a drama queen! How about dry skin??

lolitaababy 0

dry skin? :o but........... but....he GOOGLED it!! the Internet never lies! esp when you search "depressed virgin dandruff"

She, googled it. You're a chick. If you want to get laid, go to a pub, find a drunk guy, and enjoy.

Hell 103, she can just go outside n scream "I'm horny " and 10 guys would come running.

lolitaababy 0

:o I didn't even bother checking if it was a male or female. I didn't think any girl would have a problem with that

Nikki_ASW 0

The longer you have dandruff the longer you won't be having sex. I'd recomend buying some dandruff shampoo, quickly.

enonymous 8

I hear vibrators help or does Estonia not allow "personal" devices. In any case you can build one with a snorkel, duct tape and an avocado.

and a cat. don't forget the cat.

Squirrels work as well, in a pinch.

any rodent sized creature will be fine actually

ferrets are the best.

astarwarsfan 0

Just keep them away from the goodies.

Are you retarded? Dandruff typically comes from dry skin... people who wash their hair too much, or sweat to much. I've NEVER heard of it being depression based, and I'm 3rd year pre-med.

yeah so don't call OP 'retarded', pre-doc.

I am almost getting into cinema school. Does that mean, I am a movie maker? HELL YES.

it can also occur when you don't was you shampoo out properly ( due to all the parabins and chemicals in them) also other dandruff like conditions such as psoriasis(much more serious than dandruff) are caused from stress, anxiety and depression, but as far as hormonal???..... that is what causes the stress depression etc. you don't have to be " pre med " to know that stuff you rude dude. p.s your not going to make a gd doc. bein such an a$$.

In my experience there are two types of doctors. Those who go are visibly eagar about helping people, and those who are jerks.

chocolate_gateau 0

"also other dandruff like conditions such as psoriasis" Psoriasis is not dandruff at all, it's a form of eczema. Whilst it's common for it to form on the scalp, it's from scratching it/brushing your hair that may irritate it and loosen the flakey parts which can often look like dandruff. OP, you just need to wash your hair properly.

I think she meant dandruff-like conditions and, as you stated yourself, psoriasis resembles dandruff. It sounds like OP is dramatising a bit. It could be a new hair product that just flaked off. Dry scalp or very greasy scalp are much more likely causes.

ok, so I created a profile just to respond to the idiocy of this post, FYI I am also pre-med. though I do not know of any particular case of depression CAUSING dandruff, there is quite a heavy correlation between the two. one of the underlying factors for depression can by hypothyroidism, an under-active thyroid, which has symptoms such A's coldness, lethargy, depression, dry skin, and flaky scalp (aka dandruff). You still have some stuff to learn.

I am a third year pre-historic dinosaur. rawr.

rooooar to u too u bloody crakup!! lol

I'm a hair dresser and honestly the main causes are from dry skin and over washing your hair... you cause also have very oily skin which also causes a waxy build up. I suppose hormonal changes could make your skin dry.

shave your head and the rest of your body. and i will sell you a sexy wig that will get anyone layed.

sooobe 3

A plank on your head does not count as a wig.

astarwarsfan 0

I don't know... he had me convinced for awhile.

the answer to your question OP is, VERY sexy =P

Just about as sexy as.. 1. the cookie monster with muscular dystrophy. 2. the blow up goat from that weird porno my friend showed me last week. 3. icareaboutmyhair

gigglezbabii22 2

Definitely, because you know dandruff's always hot :)

You know what they say about what you see on TV??? It's applies to the internet too. Don't be so quick to believe bs.

OMG! I'm a theatre major and I think you're being too dramatic! It's caused by a dry scalp! Grow up!

Is that why every sentence of yours ends with an exclamation point?

#25- What is the problem with that?! Does that aggravate you?! Huh?! Yeah?! I bet it does?! That last one was just for kicks.

cdatribe23 0

. dry scalp perhaps? maybe some head n shoulders and a snickers bar? quit your whinning lol