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  RodzillaX  |  30

Those jokes have been pushed out at a cyclic rate. It's almost like a never ending chain. Oh well, grab onto whatever handles you can find, and enjoy the ride...

  ssnow_fml  |  20

The cost of running the finger prints for one stolen bike is higher than the cost of the bike. They aren't gonna do that. Police work and forensics is not like CSI made it seem. It takes weeks to get toxicology reports and almost a week to run a set of prints. Also only about 20-30% of the population has finger prints in some sort of system. Not all of those systems can be accessed for criminal searches without reasonable evidence that a member of that database (I.e military) committed the crime.

  BananEnigma  |  24

LOL you honestly think the police are going to spend tax dollars on something like THIS? Finger printing takes time and money, and they rarely do it unless absolutely necessary, for example during a murder investigation, etc... It's unlikely they'll actually DO anything about it, they'll probably just add it to their system because they technically have to. Also: unless your bike was registered, there's nothing they really CAN do. Even if they could do something, and they found the bike, if it's not registered they can't prove that it's yours. You're basically screwed.

  jen1097  |  25

Where I'm from they do, but it could be because the crime rate is a lot less serious compared to other places in the world so they don't need to use the resources as much on other things. I've had someone come underneath my house and take a few things and stop to have a smoke and the forensic team came straight away which is why I made the comment I did

By  Burton_Forever  |  23

Been there before, they left me a kids bike back when I was younger, we went looking for my bike (my mother and I) and found my other bike that had gotten stolen previous to that bike..

  zeffra13  |  31

A lot of people assume if something expensive is left in the yard that really shouldn't be in the yard, the people are giving it away. Like when people leave couches in the yard.

  Foxfire15  |  15

Agreed 19, but there's no reason to make it easy for them either. Leaving your bike unattended and unlocked in front of your house is like leaving your car running and unlocked. My dad lost 2 expensive road bikes this way too. You'd think he would have learned after the first one....

By  IorvethTheXolo  |  8

I can't decide if you deserved this one or not. On the one hand, people shouldn't steal shit, but on the other, you shouldn't have left it out. Unless it was stolen from inside your garage/yard/home. If that's the case, totally FYL.

  Jjay08  |  7

It totally was. I didn't even chain it up right. In fact if it was for the left over bike I probably wouldn't have noticed that mine was gone.


No, others shouldn't steal but I can't help feeling that there is a certain amount of responsibility on your part to make sure your stuff is safe.
Hope you're able to get your own bike dude, that does suck