By ScarletBuckeye
Today, I didn't want to get sand in my shoes. So I walked down to the beach barefoot. The sand was so hot that it burned the soles of my feet. I now have blisters across the bottom of my feet and between my toes. But at least there's no sand in my shoes. FML
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They obviously knew that sand was hot as soon as they stepped on it and should have thought to immediately put their shoes back on. It's common sense. Why is #1 getting down voted?

  tantanpanda  |  26

Yes, OP DID bring shoes. It sounds like it was in the car since OP said "so I walked down to the beach barefoot". If OP didn't bring any shoes at all, it would have been "so I went to the beach barefoot". The point is, OP should have realized that the sand was way too hot the moment they began to walk on the sand. it only takes two steps: step on the sand, go back to get your shoes. It's a real feat to burn yourself to the point of blisters.

By  Welshite  |  39

OP: "Yay! No easily washed off gritty sand in my shoes! Man, I should start walking barefoot everywhere! It might cause irreparable harm, but at least it'll save on laundry."