By mnote - 23/10/2014 15:56 - United States - Sapulpa

Today, I didn't make dinner fast enough so somebody had a yelling and screaming temper tantrum. It would be understandable if the person who threw the tantrum was a child, and not my 57-year-old father. FML
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Hunger get what hunger want!

As my father used to say, some people never grow up.


Hunger get what hunger want!

You're not you when you're hungry! *hands a snickers bar*

Hangry want his damn dinner!

A man's gotta eat OP.

As my father used to say, some people never grow up.

Wow tell you're dad he needs to get his head out of his fourth point of contact and help you. unless he's handicapped which is a different story

Demanding much?

OP must be an amazing cook! Or their dad has less patience than dogs around bacon...

My father is the same :/

he's a demanding poochie

At age 57 he's probably set in his ways. My dad's the same way, that's why I always have a fruit and cheese platter ready to tie him over.

"Damnit woman!You forgot the scotch and my cigar!"

Calm down, devildog! Here's a Snickers!

I get hangry with out my snickers and cigar. Thank you .

"It better be bacon flavored!"- something Ron Swanson would say.

Yes, because the same or similar thing can't happen to more than one person.

According to a lot of FML stories, as people get older, bunch of them grow younger mentally... This seems to fit right in.

"I WANT MY FOOD AND I WANT IT NOW!" *bawls uncontrollably*

gotta love parents!