By Nezje
Today, I didn't get my driver's license even though I didn't make any mistakes because my examiner said it was only my first time taking the exam, so it wouldn't matter if I failed. Now I have to pay another €240 for a second exam. FML
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  Nezje  |  13

That would have been a great idea, but this is unfortunately not about the theoretical exam.. it was the practical exam; where you drive around with the examiner in the car and he tells you in the end, if you are able to drive the car good enough to get your license or not.

  Leeono  |  26

When I failed my 1st practical driving test (just passed 2nd time last month.) I was given the test sheet by the practical examiner to improve on my failed areas.

By  mekiswrite  |  19

My instructor said that those who take the test more than once are safer drivers, but I still was still advanced on the first go. Definitely try to fight the outcome, OP.

By  PhoenixChick  |  26

My drivers ed teacher had a policy- out of every batch of three students, only one would pass. His reasoning was "there's no way 100% of high school students are safe driver so there's no way 100% will pass my course." He would have failed us all if he could get away with it.