By socksoffire - 17/03/2010 15:22 - United States

Today, I did my laundry. When I took it out, everything was clean, including the mouse that had been hiding in it. FML
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So you left a computer peripheral with your clothes. It can be replaced.

I feel bad for the mouse. FHL.


haha that's even better than washing your iPod! At least it'll be clean when it gives you a nasty disease lol

Also, you may want to consider rewashing all of your clothes...

dead mouse poop makes it smell like after a spring rain, followed by flashflood and mudslide

you sound like an extremely clean woman. O______O

at least it smells nice and fresh?

mouse hair has been proven to be great for washing cotton

 poor mousemouse. 

midget monsters name wins

Poor mouse? Eeww thts discusting to me.

I think I would rather find something electronic in my wash than vermin that decided o go swimming. (No offense to mouse lovers, I own 5 guinea pigs :) )

poor mousy squee...

Tumbled rat is tender and juicy. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-drools-

Y is this an fml? Did the mouse die and bleed on your clothes? No. Ydi for not being an fml

Poor mouse it drowned :(

ew ydi for not checking

no one thinks to check for a mouse before they do their laundry. Not his fault at all just one of those things that happens. Sorry OP!

one time I was doing laundry and I stepped in front of the dryer and I stepped on a dead mouse that my cat had just killed... there was blood all over my foot O.o

Did you eat it?

that's narrrrsty! lol  the mouse is out to get you!!! (;

I agree, because everybody knows to check their laundry for rats, pigs, goats, and fish before putting it in the laundry. ydi

Well, I shake my clothes to make sure they're empty. I assume the mouse would've fallen out.

Thats Just Nasty

ewwwww that's so gross!!!! D:

One time I was changing my laundry when I noticed that there was a homeless man in the dryer waxing a saxaphone with a frog. When I confronted him he yelled, "CHEESEY POOFS!" and closed the lid. When I opened it again, he was gone.

that did not happen... lmao idk what I would do if it did though (:

 i love you(:

I love you too!!! lmao(:

So you left a computer peripheral with your clothes. It can be replaced.

Hopefully it was an apple mouse, since those suck anyway.

R.I.P mousie

I'm sure he'll thank you for the bath by giving you the bubonic plague. you scratch his back and he'll scratch your immune system.

hahaha ^ nice lol

Those were rats, weren't they?

The fleas on the rats, actually.

Well, only the Yersinia pestis infected fleas on the rats... :P

that's rats not mice

This FML, like your laundry and this comment, is cheesy.

YDI for having mice. Clean up a bit.

Your life is f-ed. The mouse no longer has one.

That's icky. And what an awful way for the mouse to die

at least he's germ free now