By CollegeGirl - United States
Today, I did my laundry in my dorm. After dragging 2 hampers down 4 flights of stairs, my ID card with money on it was rejected. After dragging it back upstairs, I scrounged up enough quarters from friends. 30 minutes after finally starting my laundry, I realized I forgot to add detergent. FML
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By  boatiebanter  |  0

The only bit that's possibly your fault is forgetting to add detergent, and that is a very easy mistake to make. Half the time I try to do laundry I have to stop the machine and start over because I've forgotten to add detergent.

By  fretforyerlatte  |  0

seriously 13 you don't know what fail means? it means you failed. at whatever is being discussed, or life in general. i think that's pretty obvious.

community washers/dryers are my old apartment building someone once used bleach and i guess there was still a residue of it left behind or something, because several of my things wound up with bleach stains on them. makes you really appreciate when you have your own house and laundry facilities.

By  doll_face  |  0

i think everyone has a college laundry experience. mine involved having my underwear stolen (serious. not kidding whatsoever)... bizarre, but it seems to be common for girls

By  dirtyhippie  |  0

If your clothes weren't filthy I'm sure they still came out wearable all the water used and cycles that they go through in a machine. I've done that on purpose cos I've had no detergent but then I am a dirty hippie :)