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By  TabooSushi  |  24

Sounds like it may be time to move to a less expensive town, or perhaps look into lowering your bills somehow. Electricity especially gets away from people, we don't realize how much we actually use on a daily basis, especially during winter and summer when heaters and air conditioners are used most often.

By  Snufkinn  |  16

Yeah maybe you need to reassess your fixed expenses each month. You're obviously not able to live within your means in your current location/lifestyle. As others have said maybe you need to change location or downgrade your living arrangements, and changing utility providers is also a good way to cut monthly costs. Reevaluating whether you need any subscriptions you have (Spotify/Amazon/Netflix) etc too can save a lot.

By  TheHarvardian  |  25

Same. The worst part is that mine is definitely where I'm living, since car insurance is the highest in the state in this city, but I can't move until August or I'll have to pay a ton of money to break my lease.

By  fabulousfiasco  |  12

Either you don't really have a job that pays a decent wage, or you are spending frivolously.
What are some "extras" that you regularly indulge in? Starbucks, manicures, cigarettes, eating out, etc? Or are you spending more than your fair share of rent?

  GhostFox  |  33

Those are all "flexible spending items" which OP didn't include in the math. In other words, other bills like insurance, rent, and electricity are being included, not food and luxury items/services.

  krgoks  |  10

Some professionals (e.g. Dave Ramsey - look into him BTW) suggest spending no more than a week's pay on rent/mortgage.

If you need to cut back further:
-Cut the cable and go to Netflix and/or Hulu and add in HBONow, etc. (watch sports out with friends)
-Sell your car and get something that costs about what you make in less than two days
-Pick up a side gig (Uber and Lyft isn't always a good choice) and pay off bills

I too make too much money to be broke. I moved and saved 1/2 of my rent/mortgage. I cut the cable and now pay my neighbor to use his wifi and save $100/month. I decided not to get a new car and went with a used tiny car saving me another $200/month in gas and loans. I picked up a side job and worked my butt off for just 4 months, which gave me enough money to pay off the first credit card.

  clair_brodie  |  34

There is rarely any places anymore in which that is even a possibility.
Where I live you can't even get a studio without paying $900. The only way to not have your rent be half your income would be if you are making more than $11 an hour. but no, you can live on 7.25 and no one needs a raise....