By arose - United States
Today, I did a quick load of laundry so I would have work clothes for the week. I don't have my own dryer so I dried them in the one in my building. After running out to my car, I came back to find that my neighborhood kids had added 6 sharpies to my clothes. Every uniform I own has stripes. FML
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  PurplePigeon  |  0

Sometimes parents think their children can do no wrong.

I live in a condo community and some the kids absolutely suck. Knocking over grills, keying cars, leaving their butt stubbs all the place, playing music so loud that the walls shake.

Sorry OP. I would have been insanely mad if I were you.

I always fear my clothes will be ruined when I do my laundry.

  Kanvis78  |  0

"Kids" that smoke are obviously old enough for the law to handle them.

News for you optimistic blind parents, just because your kids "know better" doesn't mean you have any idea of what dumb stuff they do when you're not looking. Get real. Don't be foolish.

  Kanvis78  |  0

Just a comment for any parent that thinks their children are not capable of lying, manipulating, destruction, defiance, etc etc. There will always be influences and decisions we can't be around to stop.

  Mirorbo  |  26

Considering the site material, I don't think many 'blind' parents visit here. It just doesn't give off the vibe that the sort would be drawn to.

  skyttlz  |  32

I agree with number 1. why don't people care what their kids are doing. I know my kids will know what's unacceptable, I want to be a good parent.