By jewel87 - 12/03/2010 16:39 - United States

Today, I decided to wear my Ugg boots to work. I forgot that my office is carpeted and that the fur in my boots makes me shock every metal thing I touch. I work with computers all day. FML
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yakturk43 0

ydi for wearig uggs

capthavoc123 0

You deserve it for wearing Uggs. There is a very good reason why they are called "Uggs".


that has never happened to me

farsidee 0

there's a device I saw that discharges it safely

wearing boots to work?? really???

This FML is fake. Wearing Uggs would not cause you to be shocked everytime you touch metal even if the floor is carpeted in 4" thick wool and there's a hurricane going on outside.

Monikabug 9

@21, I don't see how her wearing boots to work is a big deal. It all depends on where you work. I know people that are able to wear flip-flops and jean shorts to work. It all depends on the type of business. OP, that sucks, but next time you might want to keep this in mind before you get dressed for work. FYL, no, but FYourDay? Sure. FYourDay, OP! :)

thats not an fml u dum fuck cunt hoe

^^ I am guessing you have never had a girlfriend or did at one point but by the name of Bob, since you need to insult the Op by saying shit like that

tweetbaby14 18

well that's what happens when you wear those fugly boots. :) enjoy

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Pick-up your feet when you walk!

that would never happen. this Is such a fake

taussie 0

ha I thought the outside of a computer isn't metal? (; u only touch the keyboard or mouse/trackpad. and I kno most keyboards are plastic. lol unless if it is one of those touchscreen computers but then ur touching glass :p

Blue_Coconuts 7

I shock things all the time, I just tell people it's because I'm a super hero.

Felendris 0

unless you work with the insides of computers, which you would wear gloves for (-_-), the outside covering is plastic. no way in hell this is real.

computers arent metal stupid thier copper

ryguy997 0

and anyway computers are plastic.

that wouldn't happen unless u like tore the rubber tread off the bottom

are you all retarded? sure the outside of a computer is plastic, but the inside it has all kind of metal in it. and a shock even as small as static electricity can wreak havoc on a computers systems.

Back when I worked over the summer in computer repair I remember one day destroying a bit of RAM because I forgot to put a wrist strap on properly which was supposed to ground me... This would be a more legitimate FML if the OP destroyed whatever computer she was working on because of the static...

KurouTenshi 0

@92 Incidentally, just because anti-static straps are good safety for when you work on computers, they don't double as good safety during sex... :(

......Copper is a Metal.......

jossiegregg 5

this FML is so BS I have 5 pairs of uggs and that has never happened and I wear them like all the time!!!!

78, you just made me question my beleif that all people have a right to contribute to a discussion.

good to know #94... I think I'll stick to non-conducting substances for that :-P plus most metal names I come up with just sound painful lol *The Ribbed Copper Conundrum for example...

KurouTenshi 0

@107 charged for her pleasure! ;)

78 congratulations you win the award for dumbest comment I've ever read. I'm a computer engineer. Static electricity can completely break computer components. That being said... YDI for a) wearing those stupid things, b) not thinking of this ahead of time, and c) not wearing an anti static bracelet to make it a non-issue.

Oh and I call BS on this being FML worthy. If you work someplace where you're taking apart computers a lot. your workstations will not be carpeted. That just does not happen. I have a cube but all hardware handling is done in a static controlled lab.

... this isn't that big of a deal /:

GR3453m0nk3y 4

u kno the "ugg" stands for ugglyy (emphasis on the "ugg" part)

SeedlessMe 13

KTBird- you're absolutely right except for one thing, in our company, sadly the IT guy lost his office and now does all his work out in the open... On carpeted floor... but you are by far the only one with any sense about it here ;-)

pgcheerleader 1

yeah seriously!

#48, obviously your the dumb one for using spelling/gramet

Guerilla8 0

Copper is a metal idiot.

You spelled grammar wrong. Must have dropped out of Nazi school.

kh2soldier 1

Monika is the new snickerdoodles just a annoucement

TapeMan_3000 0

155 yeah exactly. but uggs are retarded they are like the new converse (which all the girls wear, by the way). and this is soo fake cause 1)your uggs are rubber on the bottom 2)the fur is on the -inside- 3)computers are plastic on the outside 4)static electricity won't go through the plastic to the insides, it's not strong enough 5)and if you work at a computer all day, you wouldn't be walking and building more static unless you are retarded. big ydi for lying and sucking at it.

Blue_Coconuts 7

I still like to feel like I'm a super hero by shocking people. :(

Monikabug 9

Here is an announcement for you, 155: Snickerdoodles is still here, so there is no need for a new one, although I have to disagree. Snick, who knows that I love her, is more known for being a grammar nazi, whereas I have not corrected anyone's grammar. It's cute that you tried though. Next time just say that I am a bitch and that whatever I said was somehow offensive. That would make more sense. 'Kay? :)

sucks I guess life goes on (:

yeah i wear my uggs ALL the yime, neva shocked becuz of them once.

topbanana 0

why is this an fml? I guess it sucks but it's kinda a dumb watse of fml time

so u really eat flesh? if ya know what I mean......

take ur boots off retard

You dont have to wear gloves as long as you discharge on the frame first to balance the charge. I work on my computer alot, in a carpeted area, and have never had a problem as long as i do this first.

HeresReality 0

ydi, uggs are overpriced pieces of shit, besides, nothing looks good on a woman if it goes over the ankle

are you just a moron, or a moron with a mac? because most computer cases are actually metal, only the front panel is made of plastic, except for some mini-ITX cses and macs.

MXavierT 0

Even if this could actually happen, ydi for being dumb enough to forget that YOUR FREAKING OFFICE is carpeted.

50 hahaha, true dat!!! sorry OP, you could shock people instead...or just not drag your feet, whichever.

jamiebuczko 0

#78 learn how to spell they're before calling someone stupid.

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elchiclebubalu 2

@78ur stupid cause copper is a metal. u fail

copper is a metal

Wow, what a shocker...

yakturk43 0

ydi for wearig uggs

haha uggs are so wack,,, I've seen guys wearing those to now, LAME..

killabeast1 0

umm uggs are amazing I wear them everywhere they are comfy and such no jk they are for fags!

Comfy as having your foot up a sheeps ass

erikahhh 0

Yeah you deserve it for wearing Uggs and not being at a ski resort. Same goes for people that wear Sperrys and aren't on a boat.

Although I agree, Uggs are not-so-fasionable in my opinion, OP can wear what she wants. It's her life, her style. She doesn't deserve it for wearing a certain brand, she derserves it for not thinking about the consequences of wearing said brand to work.

UGG's and Wallabies are gay.

uggs=ugly... I lost the game

XxKeLs3yxX 0

# 20- obviously you never had uggs because u would NOT wear them to a ski resort they would get ruined. But that doesn't matter cause the FML is fake.

killabeast1 0

#19 that's exactly what I meant by comfy! how'd you know?

XxKeLs3yxX 0

#20- you obviously never had uggs because you would NOT wear them to a ski resort they would get ruined. And last time I checked it was still winter in some places. Also uggs are meant to keep ur feet warm not for going out in the snow.

Tell that to the hundreds of university girls I see on my campus using them as winter boots....they look ridiculous. And I live in Canada so I'm not talking just a few cm of snow.

XxKeLs3yxX 0

are they actually stepping in the snow? if not then stop making a big deal out of it

uglyduckling047 0

i KNEW someone was going to say that, @2

haha I am hardly making a big deal, but yes they are stepping in snow, and evern worse the 3 or so inches of slush that our side-walks become in the the winter. Somehow I doubt their feet stay dry.

XxKeLs3yxX 0

trust me there feet do stay dry. but there stupid for stepping in the snow becuz there uggs are jst gonna get messed up.

Kels3y, they make a special spray to waterproof UGGs. You can use this to prevent their being ruined by snow.

XxKeLs3yxX 0

ohSNAPyall-I'm aware of that but even when u apply the spray your still not suppose to go out and step in snow and the spray doesn't always work.

XxKeLs3yxX 0

kiddNYC10- THEIR*!!! I'm sorry I didn't relize I was in English class.

XxKeLs3yxX 0

kiddNYC10- you know i meant THEIR*!!! I'm sorry I didn't relize I was in English class.

a bit touchy aren't you?

The emperor has no clothes. In unrelated news, Ugg boots are another hideous fashion trend.

loski87 4

I love UGG boots they keep your feet nice and comfy. I only wear mine when it snows

loski87 4

and you can buy protectant for your uggs

damn you 64!!!!!! u made me lose!!!!

erikahhh 0

114 your opinion is wrong.

BrownSugar_fml 5

I agree, ugg boots are the ugliest boots ever.

Too funny!! YDI for wearing Uggs!

they aren't uggs they are fuggs

There is a button for that just like there is a button for what I'm saying.

capthavoc123 0

You deserve it for wearing Uggs. There is a very good reason why they are called "Uggs".

XxKeLs3yxX 0

#5- maybe that's the same reason u don't have a pic

sugarbabyxoxo 2

lmao @ 100

Sun_Kissed18 25

Sorry, I didn't realise that only "pretty people" got to put their pictures up, and not doing so automatically makes them ugly? How about privacy? You are really taking offence to people dissing ugg boots. But seriously, they were called "uglies" but it was shortened to "Uggs" to sound better. And the name doesn't lie. Its just a stupid fad, stop taking it personally if people think that

Monikabug 9

@160, actually they are Ugg Boots, that is the BRAND. People call them "Uggs," because it is easier than saying "Ugg Boots." I do not know where you heard that they were originally called "Uglies" but that is not a word, and they are lying. You might want to look that one up before you actually start shoving it down other people's throats as a fact. ._.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Yes I realise thats the brand thank you. I mean before it was a brand and it was just a type of shoe people made, they were called uglies then when they made them into a brand, they shortened it to UGGS

Sun_Kissed18 25

Also, you might want to look up whether is NOT a fact before you chastise me for it.

XxKeLs3yxX 0

@ sun_kissed- N i didn't realize that realize was spelled with an "s". Yeah I guess ur right not ONLY pretty people put their picture up because look YOU put a picture up. Plus you should just shut up because obviously you DONT know the facts either!

gigi37 0

Oh wow, before a catfight starts out on facts/non facts ( I did happen to look up the history and found the same information on 5+ sites)- Yes-UGGS are a brand, but before that, Australians did just call them "Ugg" and it was indeed Australian slang for ugly. And really Kelsey? You're going to be childish (oh wait, you are a child) and attack people on their looks because they don't like UGGs? Not only that, but make it a lie? Because clearly Sun Kissed is beautiful-I mean look at those ears, that fur, those darling whiskers, plus the girl holding her looks pretty hot =P “Plus you should just shut up because obviously you DONT know the facts either!”-Good one And “realize” can be spelled as “realise”-In the U.S. we spell it "realize" while in the U.K. it is spelled "realise"

Sun_Kissed18 25

Lol, thanks gigi :)

*sings strongbad* the system is down doo doo de doo doo!

you deserve it 1: how do you forget that your office has carpet? and 2: uggs are the most disgusting looking things ive ever seen, other than crocs. and you probably thought they looked cute with your outfit too, didnt you?

Monikabug 9

I have to agree... Crocs are the most hideous things you could put on your feet. I would much rather put on Uggs than Crocs, though.

Crocs are terrible... especially on older men/women at the beach...I'll go for flip flops any day... especially On A Boat... but no thanks Crocs, I'll pass On the other hand, I think Uggs can look cute on a girl, especially with tight jeans and a furry little coat on a cold winter day sitting next to a nice warm fire... ehh a little too specific I suppose but you get the idea

Monikabug 9

@D: LOL, thank you for the image. You just made me question my sexuality. Haha, no just kidding. :) But, you know what? I am not going to be fake about it, I own at least 2 pairs of Uggs. And what? I like them. I think that if you wear them with the right outfit, they ARE cute. I am not saying that they always look cute, because some girls just do not know how to wear them.. No offense. :) But, my point is that the OP does not deserve it for wearing a pair of shoes, you people need to stop hating.

XxKeLs3yxX 0

Monika i totally agree with you. just because ur jealous that the op has uggs and you don't doesn't mean they deserve a YDI.

Ughhh we get those girls all the time at school-- and then you can see their cottagy-cheese thighs. But I think children under the age of 5 look cute in Crocs... and that's about it.

Thanks for the nightmares... but if the girl is cute then she can definitely pull off an attractive look with Uggs (Then again most girls who are cute can pull off an attractive look with any amount of clothing on :-P ) Anyways, just wondering why there is so much hating on a pair of (supposedly) comfortable boots... Sure they are overpriced but heck, everything is overpriced these days and being jealous of what someone else might have isn't a reason for a YDI

Monikabug 9

I LOL'd at "cottagy-cheese thighs." What a GREAT image.... I can never look at cottage cheese again!

Kelsey- stop being such a shallow bitch and grow the fuck up already. Are you seriously getting that bloody defensive and attacking anyone that dares to disagree with you over a goddamned pair of shoes!?!? Are you fucking kidding me? Do you even realize how stupid and ridiculous you are? "OMG someone dared to insult my precious boots! How dare they! OMG I have to throw a tantrum and insult their spelling and call them ugly! That'll show them not to insult inanimate objects that I have unhealthy attachments to!" And no, nobody said YDI because they're jealous. Nobody sane would do that, for multiple reasons. They said YDI because OP is a dumbass and deserves it.

Zwemfan 0

YDI for wearing Uggs XD!

Time to get an ESD wrist strap. YDI since Uggs have been out of style since before I graduated from college... the first time.

Nothing can go wrong if you're wearing one of those wrist thingies.

Get an anti static mat. Your job should be able to supply them.... Problem solved

heartlessagony 0

Maybe you can not wear them when you use the computer? unless there's a dress code...