By Anonymous - United States
  Today, I decided to try and seduce my boyfriend of 2 years. He was on his laptop, and while he was on it I took off my shirt and bra, and gave him a hug from behind. What I didn't know was that he was video chatting his father the whole time. FML
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  VivaLaBelle  |  0

what I don't get is how you didn't know he was video chatting.. I mean wasn't he talking to his father or were they having a staring contest? or does your boyfriend always talk to his computer like that?

  kczey1234  |  0

haha dads thinking damn son! your girl always get so freaky when you video chat? is that some kind of creepy turn on for her? maybe she should go into porn so she can be videotaped. dayummmmm

  smileanyway  |  0

I honestly thought OP was a sick pervert and wrote 'I decided to seduce my 2 year old boyfriend'. So OP it isn't so much an FML cos your life could be much much worse if you were a pedophile ;)

  perdix  |  29

#23 VivaLaBelle. Excellent point!

I hope the OP didn't hear Dad say, "Geez, son, those things are uglier than you Mom's. . . and she's had a double mastectomy!"

  adamsk1  |  0

ok, where is snickerdoodles on this one?? she would have a field day on the "no sex before marriage" gig!! lmao!! I haven't seen her in ages!!

OP, that was pretty dumb on ur part, but FYL for the embarassment you caused everyone especially yourself. be more observant.

if my spelling is off, oh well!! I'm not an English major and honestly don't give a crap because ppl get the idea of what I'm saying anyway.

  sircletus  |  0

your an a complete dumbass op. first how did you not hear him talking. second if you came up behind him you would of seen his dad on the computer screen.

  tekcor  |  2

Video chatting without audio? That's retarded. I know it is possible, but it's god damn stupid. What the heck is the point of watching each other type?


haha ok at first i read 2 yr old bf... haha bu wow sorry :P not soo bad.. i guess. hmm wat im wondering is why didnt he like tell you or.. wait he culdnt see u roght? idk im confused haha well i think u deserve it cuz u didnt see that he was like skyping his dad

  newnew8  |  0

ahaha funny , but 16 up top shut up cuz she probley walked up behind him and while she was goin behind him his dad
coulda seen . so think about that before you call someone a dumbass

  thatonek1d  |  0

YDI for being stupid. how do you not hear him talking to his dad and his dad talkig back. YDI for not seeing his dad on his laptop an him talking to his laptop. YDI for having sex before youre married