By Crusty - 19/12/2012 20:53

Today, I decided to treat myself to a pedicure. The pedicurist began examining my feet, then called his coworkers over to demonstrate how to deal with "excessively crusty" feet. FML
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This reminded me of the spongebob close-up of his feet lmao.

How rude! At least if he took that opportunity he should have explained why to his coworkers in private.


How rude! At least if he took that opportunity he should have explained why to his coworkers in private.

Then we'd have an issue like the guy at the airport (FML a few days ago) who spent the rest of the plane ride wondering what he'd done. OP would be wondering why he called all the people over to look.

He could have explained to OP that they were newbies and he was training them.

Exactly #44. I have had jobs where I took advantage of a situation to show newer employees something that they may have to handle with customers, and when I did, the first thing I did was ask the person if it was ok. If they said no, I said ok, and went through with what I had to do, if they said yes, I went and grabbed the others to observe.

*how to deal with excessively crusty feet* Lotion dude. Lotion.

Or maybe OP could just accept the possibility that she has crusty feet and take better care of them in future.

This reminded me of the spongebob close-up of his feet lmao.

i knew i've watched too much tv when i knew exactly what episode you were refering to ^.^

#16 - heh not at all. At least it was good tv as compared to the crap we have on today like Chowder, Pic Me and Ben 10. It seems that kids are watching more TV than ever, and worryingly the quality is rapidly degenerating. Hey, who can not watch Spongebob too much?

16 - Who you callin pinhead? Jaykay, I'm dirty Dan, silly goose.

Yea Noor, and if she's like that with her feet, I don't want to imagine what's going on in her Bikini Bottom... On another note: Squidward TORTELLINI?!?!?!

And spongebob is a "good" tv show to you? Wow... call me crazy but scooby doo and johnny quest on boomerang on satuday mornings was my choice. Not spongebob.

Anyone else notice spongebob is absorbent and lives in bikini bottom? Think about that for a second...

Or it's just a kids show and that was a load of bullshit.

Some researchers think Spongebob may be helping to cause ADHD in children.

My sis is addicted to it too

Spongebob makes me frown at its crudeness sometimes. It used to be a lot better but apparently kids like crude these days.. Cartoon network used to be the bomb with dragonball z, courage the cowardly dog, dexters lab, samurai jack, and scooby doo. Now they have adventure time

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#52_Everybody knows Mr. Krabs lives in bikini bottom! Whether OP has her own Mr. Krabs going on....

He called him over for the sole purpose of showing them that? that's criminail!

Not really criminal, just rude.

Pleonasm has a thumbs up rating of less than 0. This is a historic moment, albeit bad- with the likes of other equally significant events such as WW2, segregation etc. The world is truly ending tomorrow.

Don't take the comment at face value, TJF, it was just a mini pun-run. And I've been thumbed down plenty of times.

Like now, bamn! *presses button* Oh wait, I just pressed the thumbs up button. It just feels so unnatural to thumb down pleonasm. How can you thumb someone down with such a killer stache.

I'm glad OP decided to do something about that! Crusty feet is not a good feeture at all!!

Maybe a pedicure is not for you

Wouldn't excessively crusty feet be a reason to get a pedicure?

That's exactly why we get pedicures!

If you have excessively crusty feet, you should hide them by wearing a pair of socks you hang on top of the fire place.

That doesn't even make sense...

I dare not imagine what's going on around your vajayjay. Ick!

Huh? Feet and the vajayjay could be completely opposite. Lol.

Doc Bastard would have the correct anatomical term instead of vajayjay.

Bikini Bottom... Sponge Bob lives there... Childhood ruined.

1215116a 14

Geez, am I the only person tired of hearing the phrase, "childhood ruined"? No offense, 85.

Not really, but I am getting pretty tired of "fiscal cliff" and "Kate Middleton."

Don't worry about it too much. Unless you always show your feet around. Then worry.

That's pretty unprofessional :/ actually pretty mean.

How is that mean? If they're excessively crusty, then they're excessively crusty; that's just how they are. It's not like he said "hey, come check out these nasty-ass feet on this dirty b-". I don't see this as being any different than a cardiologist showing a learning/new doctor to check out an irregular heart rate, or a plumber showing his apprentice how to deal with a clogged drain.

I think the right thing to be done would've been to take the others aside later on to teach them and then use her as an example instead of in front of her while she was relaxing. He was clearly demonstrating the lesson on this particular person because of a part of her appearance that she's lacking in. We don't know her life and how often she's able to treat herself to a pedicure. I just don't think it was nice but hey, that's just my opinion! :)

But he's not judging her in any way, so her "life story" doesn't matter. And telling them in secret later on would probably cause more embarrassment for OP, because at least this way she knows WHY they were called over. I know if that happened to me, but I didn't know why, I'd think my feet were deformed or I had some kind of medical anomaly.

Yes. You do have a good point. It's just not the most pleasant way to realise such a thing by having it pointed out in front of a crowd.

Shit, something was mean. Halt everything! Something was mean! If OP was truly worried about their feet, they could have arranged a person to come to their residence. When you go outside you must be ready for what could happen; if you continue, you accept what may happen. People need to grow thicker skin, life is so much worse than "mean".

it wouldnt kill you to look after you feet once in a while so the crust wouldnt have chance to get "excessive". i give myself a mini pedicure when i cant go to the salon

I've been to a salon for a pedicure *once*, before graduation, and ever since have suffered from ingrown toenails - which usually happen to people wearing tight shoes. I'm disabled and I work from home and I go barefoot. Does not compute. I do my pedicures at home now, and my feet are in much better shape. Soak them in some Epsom salts with some essential oils, use pumice stone to get off the dry bits, and I'm dealing with the ingrown toenails by putting cotton under the nail so it will grow out from where it's under the skin. Also? LOTION. I'm allergic to a lot of things and have a skin condition, but no body part of mine has ever been considered 'crusty' (except maybe post-op scabs).

Thank you for that lovely visual. If you will excuse me while I innucliate myself now.

Ok, I absolutely love words and love learning new words, their etymology, their word-relatives, etc. So, I looked up your interesting new word, since it was unfamiliar to me. The closest I could find is "enucleate" ...Assuming that's what you meant to say, why are you going to remove the nucleus from a cell?

I think they meant inoculate i.e. to introduce an infectious microorganism into themself maybe?

I am not sure if I spelled it correctly , but it means to remove an eye from its socket. I thought it would be a fitting description for such a disturbing image.

Enucleation for the eye or other masses :)

Thanks for the correct spelling. :3

Shoot! Last time I had a pedicure, the guy had a hard-on the whole time. (:

Where you not wearing any underwear under your skirt? If not then it would be understandable- maybe even surprising that he didn't add that he was a renowned gynecologist

When you think about the kind of guy who signs up to be a pedicurist, it kinda makes sense. My attempts at establishing tittie-massage parlors have repeatedly failed -- too much amateur competition.

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I'm guessing the nail technician had a foot fetish, Pleonasm.

That's a lot less fun.

Of course I had undies on! He must have had a panty plus feet fetish combo! :P Anyhoo! The point I was trying to make was, at those nail parlors-- anything can happen, even them talking in a foreign language about you. Yeah, I picked up some dirty words here and there!