By hobbit - United States - Winthrop
Today, I decided to treat myself to a pedicure ahead of my cousin's wedding. The woman doing my nails asked if I wanted my toe hairs trimmed. I was so taken aback and embarrassed that I said yes. They charged me extra. FML
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  laurenlovesjb  |  20

Yes, pretty much everyone has some toe hair, mine is black like my hair on my head! Don't be insecure, let it be trimmed and it's no big deal:) But that is kinda unusual to have that be an extra charge!


I was tricked at a strip club like that once.
"Hey, want a lap dance?"
"Umm, sure."
-gives me two, & when finished says-
"40$ bucks a pop"
Then again, my naïveté may have gotten the best of me. I thought she liked me.

  JACKxRAWR  |  22

#41, I never said the beautician said OP had hairy toes. I said the OP thought the beautician said she had hairy toes. Damnit Kim, get your shit together.

By  babeababe  |  16

I think everyone has toe hair... I do. But I shave it. I'm surprised they charged you extra. So FYL for the extra charge. But I wouldn't worry about the toe hair. It's normal. Just shave it when you shave your legs.


I can picture my chopped off toe after I attempted to shave it. *shudders*

I suck at shaving non-smooth places. The tops of my knees always have peach-fuzz cause I'm too scared I'm gonna end up cutting myself and bleeding to death.

  little_one  |  20

Is this really common to have hairy feet? My husband has a little but I didn't think girls do.... Thank god I'm descendent of Sweden and Germany my fine ultra light thin hair wins again!

By  Horsempeg  |  25

Everyone has a little peachfuzz! They should have told you that it was extra. I don't think nail salons have any legal right to have trimmers or anything though?