By armybrat - 10/07/2009 00:19 - United States

Today, I decided to take a nap while babysitting my neighbors kids for the day. I was woken up by this obnoxious sound, only to find the youngest kid holding scissors in one hand, a pony tail of hair in his shorts jumping around like a horse, oh, and a bald spot on the back of my head. FML
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umm, don't fall asleep when you should be watching children... duh

Don't nap while babysitting. You got off cheap. The kid could have got hold of a lighter and decided to play barbeque with the couch. You're paid to watch them. Sleep on your own time.


umm, don't fall asleep when you should be watching children... duh

She didn't mean to, and isn't the point to have someone there in case something goes wrong? Not to watch the kids every single second. YLIF

Actually, looks like she intentionally took a nap: "Today, I DECIDED to take a nap. . . " She didn't say, "Today, I accidentally fell asleep. . . "

And also, the point is to WATCH the kids so nothing DOES go wrong-- not to just help them when they decide the stove is a fun new toy or that climbing on a dresser is a good idea, but to PREVENT them from getting near such dangerous objects and situations in the first place. Helping them once "something goes wrong" is often too late and is a very poor tactic when watching CHILDREN, who need contant attention and a very watchful eye.

Agreed with #114 and #115, #97 fails. To the OP, YDI. I applaud the child who cut your hair off, they taught you a lesson. Don't sleep on the job.

#97, the point IS to watch them every single second if they're at an age where they would cut off someone's hair to play horsy. And she DID intentionally take a nap. She deserved it, and I'd fire her ass if she were my babysitter.

Um, no. The point is to have someone there, watching the kids every second

Actually, the point of babysitting IS to watch the kids every single second. That is what you are being PAID to do!!!! YDI, OP.

another person who sleeps on the job. Lifeguards and now babysitters, whats next? ER doctors?

Agreed with 115. You wouldn't want the kids to play "let's drink the stuff under the sink" now would you?

y'd you leave the scissors in a place that they could reach it

Why is this FML in pets?

Isn't rule number one of babysitting; never fall asleep? It's understandable if its overnight, but seriously...

Not necessarily. Depending on how old they are and how they normally behave, popping in a nap can be totally acceptable. I know I am babysitting three kids, and their mother told me to just order them to their rooms if I need one for whatever reason.

Don't nap while babysitting. You got off cheap. The kid could have got hold of a lighter and decided to play barbeque with the couch. You're paid to watch them. Sleep on your own time.

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ah no....der not her kids so ya she is expected to watch every single move they make.......especially when she's being paid to do just that

#88 Your family must be retarded because you had to learn somewhere that it's fine to not watch small children constantly.

What were you doing sleeping, asswad? You deserved it and more. I wish the kid had cut your damn ear off.

Amen PP! Jeez, OP you are no better than the dips$%^ that fell asleep as a lifeguard. I am glad the kids didn't burn the bloody house down. If you must sleep, do it when the kids nap, asswipe.

And I also hope she had to tell the parents why she was now without hair. I'm afraid for my future children! If people think it's okay to act like this when they're supposed to be protecting little kids from themselves... ugh. -_-;;

I would kill those little dipshits if this happened me.

This is why you never have children, babysit them or have anything to do with the brats. Ever.

you're clearly just some fag who is either too ugly to get with anyone to have kids or your a fag. either way your a fag, and to anyone else who doesnt like kids, well FYL because you've clearly been through some shit

Alright "LtDelicious".

woah the 10 year old learned how to say "fag." watch out world, big boy coming through

you're probably never gonna get laid, so just shut the hell up.

Why would you fall asleep during babysitting?! Irresponsible, ydi.

Going to have to agree that you definitely earned that one. Your hair will grow back so you got off light.

Hope you never have children

not really. are you okay with the idea of anyone falling asleep while watching little kids? that's dangerous. OP should get some lessons before having kids.

That sucks hardcore. I don't care what anyone else says about the falling asleep part- having your hair chopped off is a definite FYL.

I know!! Females pride themselves with their hair. And in a few uncontrollable eye droops and blinks, no more hair! T______T I'm so sorry OP, kids! X(

Erm,#40,I'm female and I don't pride myself with my hair... O_o

Then you're fat and ugly?

Pretty sure if she was fat and ugly she'd care more about her hair than someone who has more going for them.

bitch you got scalped. were the kids you babysat 19th-century Apaches?

OMG, #10 made me laugh so hard. XD

THE FUNNIEST is #10 "bitch u go scalped"...Oh.em.gee I'm crying!!

Sorry but in removal of a foes scalp as a trophy...op was missing some hair, not the skin from their head.