By Anonymous / Monday 6 December 2010 22:53 / United States
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You should have booked it out of there. Your gas speaks volumes about you. Don't shelf this issue- I would get your colon checked periodically.


Yeah... farts stink. I don't know of anything smelling good when it has methane and hydrogen sulfide mixed in it.

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A pun should be quite obvious. Once read, it should be followed with " oh I get it" or " ah, I see what you did there. " (I'm not the queen of making puns though. You'd have to go to Doc for that). I thought you were trying to be captain obvious until I read your explanation.


Hahaha. I caught my mistake but decided to leave it there due to laziness. I was actually kind of hoping you would look over it. Damn you Doc!


Something like... I'll bet that was a rip-roaring good time. Sounds like a gas! or even That stinks. I ...stink... with puns but you get the picture.

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