By WOWreally - United States
Today, I decided to surprise my husband in the shower. I got in and we were talking and goofing around and I stuck out my chest and sucked in my stomach being stupid and my husband says "Wait! Do it again! That's how you looked when I first met you." FML
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Everyone, I know this will come to most of you as a shock...

this is
They banned me from posting comments! Everyone who wants my account to be unbanned say



I posted it on two....
The other was the one with stepdad leaving him at the bus stop laughing coz it's the one I got banned on.
I only posted it on this one coz it's at the top 

so now please all hail


  freudianego  |  0

Second that. What, do you expect him to bend reality for you? I'm sure by now you must warp the fabric of space and time all by yourself. Please go orbit some other star. YDI

  NeonBubblez  |  6

Actually, women are gonna gain weight that's just how it is. Definitely after they have children. And we go through a lot, if you haven't noticed..menstrual cycle *cough,cough* and we feel sick and we have nothing to do but eat to take the pain away. Why can't guys just understand that?

  dhooks111490  |  8

I know you are just trying to excuse letting yourself go, but there is no excuse. Ever. My wife knows that if she ever gains weight out of straight up negligence I will take her out back and shoot her like the cow she is. I expect the same from her. Have fun being a fat hog. Atleast my wife and I can still go out in public on the beach and not be repulsive

  SammyS2012  |  21

80- wow, you're a dick. Congrats btw! That's the first time I ever called someone a dick.

You're like the kid i knew that shared with the class that he was going to divorce his wife if she ever got stretch marks.

People gain weight. Who gives a fuck? You're the reason women starve themselves to look "pretty". You're disgusting. Have fun living in your fantasy world.

  Starchild21  |  3

Well considering that she stuck out her chest, I agree with Emma that she got older and started sagging.

Sucks :(


By  squall14716  |  0

I had a similar experience, except it was more like there were no screws and one of the wheels just snapped in half. Then another wheel did the same a few days later, leaving me to try to balance my fat ass on 3 wheels.

By  made_of_fail  |  0

Smack him. Not I'm-gonna-smack-your-ass-cuz-you're-turning-me-on smack but imma-smack-you-for-that-jackass-comment smack! Unless your guy is on life support, it's a commonly known fact women are hypercritical of their outer appearances and no guy, who really does care about you, would ever say that to a girl.

Especially not your to your wife!
OP's husband: Think you're gonna be getting any ANYTIME soon?!

  Tubasaurus  |  0

Yeah! Honesty is overrated! Don't tell me the truth! Tell me what I want to hear! Only I am allowed to acknowledge changes in my appearance!


Really? REALLY?