By Darryl - 12/05/2015 12:53 - Australia - Tarragindi

Today, I decided to surprise my girlfriend at work. Because she was "bored and didn't feel like seeing me" she thought it would be funny to call security and claim that I was stalking her. There is now a picture of my face at her workplace, and anytime I "pester her again" the cops will show up. FML
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Do both of you agree that you have a relationship? Cause it doesn't sound like she's in on it.

Some people honestly need to think about how appropriate their "jokes" are... I mean, calling the cops is a bit far for a joke


Some people honestly need to think about how appropriate their "jokes" are... I mean, calling the cops is a bit far for a joke

Yeah, it's real far from a joke. This sort of crap is why women in real danger can't get help. OPs girlfriend is a selfish moron.

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He said his girlfriend is selfish, not that he is selfish.

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What exactly is "stalkerish" about surprising your partner at work, #38? People do that all the time.

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She couldn't have said that because he surprised her.

ARKHAM88 is giving of an awfully stalkerish vibe. Seems to have experience stalking as he/she assumes the BF knew beforehand his GF didn't want to see him. Guess they're projecting their own behavior on the OP.

#67, Where did it say that he was told that before hand? Cus it doesn't say that, just that he was told that at some point. How do you know that he didn't call the GF after he was thrown out and she told him it then?

If you read it correctly, you'll see that the "bored and didn't want to see me" is the reason she called security, not what she told OP. She's an absolute moron, now security probably has a massive incident report to fill out and she's also wasting police time, filing false reports is illegal and idiots like her are the reason police are so slow to respond to an actual emergency

i think #25 sums it up perfectly.

ARK agree with you. It obviously meant that she said that before he went there. If not he would've said that later in the paragraph.

If you read the damn thing it says he decided to visit her BECAUSE she was bored and didn't feel like seeing him. It's projected by his writing that he went after she said that.

The way I interpret this, OP had no clue she felt that way UNTIL he got there when she decided to call security on him as a joke because she was bored and didn't want to see him. There is nothing stalkerish about what he did, neither do I see anything wrong with what he did.

#133 you see the puncution point before the word "because"? that tells you he didn't know prior to visiting. it also says "I decided to surprise my girlfriend" so he never contacted her, telling her he would go to her place of work.

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could you sound anymore like a sterotype?

The typical blonde joke involves a punch line of the women doing something mind numbingly stupid, in this case OPs girlfriend clearly knew what she was doing. I'd say to take the hint OP

Maybe, but one thing is for sure: she's definitely a lame ass!

Well, if she wants to see you at her work again you can tell her to look at the poster ;)

I guess she turned your surprise for her into one for you.

Next time go through the air ducts and drop into her office that way. It's flawless. Bonus points if you are dressed all in black.

Do both of you agree that you have a relationship? Cause it doesn't sound like she's in on it.

That's what I'm thinking. Having someone tell you directly that they don't want to see you and then show up at their work place anyway could be borderline in a brand new relationship.

stop being so judgemental, the "girlfriend" could be a crazy psycho fpr all you know

Lol so it's only judgemental if it's against the guy? But it's completely reasonable to assume she's a psycho bitch?

Good grief you people need to read it properly! 33, he did not show up after she said she didn't want to see him. The full stop is important here- He decided to surprise her at work FULL STOP. Then, BECAUSE she was 'bored and didn't want to see him' she called the police. He tried to do a nice thing for an immature little halfwit that didn't deserve it, and apparently feels that security and the police are there solely to cater to her little jokes.

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#33 - You misunderstood. OP didn't visit anyway regardless of her not wanting to see him. The girlfriend told OP that she didn't want to see him AFTER he had already shown up. He wanted to surprise her and had no idea how she felt until he got there. Perfectly innocent on his part.

Invite her to dinner and then call the cops saying she's been following you all the way to the restaurant

How about we leave the cops out of it. Im sure they have better things to do than deal with the "jokes" of some couple.

Your girlfriend is kinda a dick huh? Why would she not tell security the truth before it spiraled ?

Sounds like she might be a bit of a sociopath.

She didn't stop it because that looks unprofessional and could have repercussions on her job, not that I condone what she did. I have no strong opinions either way about it. Some people like that sort of "high-stakes public embarrassment" relationship. Might be fun, I won't knock it until I try it.

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Are you sure she's your girlfriend?

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I'd say that if she is, then she WAS.

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exactly this. she can't possibly be OPs girlfriend

I would send some of my friends to her workplace and cause some problems just to get even