By ImOverHere - 02/09/2012 16:56 - United States - Whitehouse

Today, I decided to surprise my boyfriend with candles and a sexy outfit. When he came in, he insisted that we needed music to help set the mood. Thirty minutes later, he's still searching for a song. FML
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It takes approximately 0.285 seconds to realise that "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye is the best mood music ever. EVER.

That's some odd foreplay


That's some odd foreplay

Should have had Barry White crooning in the back ground.

The right song is a MUST. Don't rush him.

Living in the sunlight, Loving in the moonlight -Tiny Tim. Thank me later.

48- You mean completely over-rated songs that everybody plays? In my opinion, I'd play some soft rock... Or something like the song "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails... Or maybe even something fun like "Brass Monkey" or something! My point is that you DON'T need r&b baby-making music to get it on! Mix it up a little!

Sir Mix-A-Lot

I imagined a girl in sexy lingerie sitting on the bed on her computer, typing on FML while a guy is looking at an iPod fumbling through music. Sorry for the run-on, I wasn't sure how to end it and I'm drunk and tired. I still wanted to post though.

55 - Thank you! I've always wanted to do it to "closer" by NIN, but unfortunately, none of the select few that have been nice enough to sleep with me are as cool with it.

55- She can play what she wants to play that she feels will get her in the mood. You might have a different taste than her.

I've always wanted to have sex to Beethoven...

9th symphony?

how about the 1812 overture? I know its not bethoven, but the canons at the end...!!!

3- oh my brother. Would you not enjoy the simple beauty of old Ludwig van?

How about the epic rap battles of history?

Eh, I'm more of a Mozart/Debussy kind of person.

Gotta be prepared!

It takes approximately 0.285 seconds to realise that "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye is the best mood music ever. EVER.

Depends whether op was wanting slow and steady or fast and intense. If B, something rock n roll would be it.

You must have a rather extensive music list in your head Doc. .285 seconds is a long shuffle of the internal playlist.

I know the words LETS GET IT ON are in the song. Should've been a no-brainer.

Many children have been conceived to that oh so sexy song...

Doc, I wanna meet you. ;D ... But then I need appropriate rape music for the moment.

Screwie, I seriously hope you were auto-corrected and meant "rap". ...Wait. Screwie, I seriously hope your phone didn't auto-correct "rap" to "rape".

Haha yal can make your own music with a chorus of moans

38- Y'all.. Not ya'll..

Nobody gives a shit how someone spells "y'all." it's already slang in the first place 38, you son of a bitch

Some Barry White can set the mood! Honestly though, you should have thought of this beforehand.

Fuck the music the woman just initiated sex!!!

Another song that's a pretty great mood setter is Santana's instrumental entitled Europa.

What's the sexy outfit?

I know you're referring to a previous FML, but I don't think too many people like peanuts in their butt crack.