By Samyett - 09/02/2011 19:22 - United States

Today, I decided to surprise my boyfriend by creating an account on Runescape; his favorite game. After finding him in-game, I started talking to him, not revealing who I was. After a while, I asked him if he had a girlfriend. He promptly said no and asked me for nude pics. FML
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dump the jerk!!!

QueenPersephone 9

Go ahead, send him a nudie. A really steamy one, of you with another guy. His best friend or brother if at all possible.


dump the jerk!!!

RUNESCAPE FREE TRADE IS BACk WOOOOHOOOO And you can drop the F bomb now. Yeah... I'm a loser :( this information is completely relevant to all the posts above me.

free trade and wild omg!!!!! I had no idea!

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woot free trade!!!

I agree with #1. Dump him, quickly. Everyone between me and #1: FYL. You're all idiots and your replies have no correlation with #1. I suggest getting a life.

YDI for rationalizing your stalking/spying as a cute surprise, if your boyfriend wanted you to play runescape with him he would tell you. I'm sorry your boyfriend is a douche but what you did is a little creepy and you should also consider the fact that your boyfriend or future boyfriend doesn't want you participating in something he does while taking a break from you.

What's his in game name OP? I'll come find him with my level 126 aramadyl god sword pure with level 99 strength + super strength potion and drop his sorry ass in one hit. I will require the nude pics as payment though.

I agree with #1. He's a runescape douche. They are quite lame.

i think your first problem is that he plays runescape...

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105, your comment is just full of fail. I think the fml in this is that her boyfriend if such a huge loser. First of all he plays Runescape. That game sucks. Secondly, he asks girls on the internet for nude pics. lol alone time, more like, forever alone. Honestly, though, I think it's a huge win for her, because she can finally dump him before it's too late.

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Honestly, I don't think I can blame him. If you think about it he's probably not thinking about going and meeting this chick. Also he's probably not thinking his girlfriend is going to be weird enough to seek him out in the game. And if that's the case why would he even say he had a girlfriend. It would have gotten him free pics if his girl wasn't being a creepy bitch.

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while "taking a break from" his gf he attempts to yeah dump the douch

Sinkhole 26

173 - So, as long as his girlfriend doesn't know that makes it okay? That is what many people use as an excuse for cheating and it's completely stupid. Maybe she shouldn't have been trying to deceive him and flirt while pretending to be someone else, but that is not an excuse for being such a jerk.

IHeartJimi02 0

I agree with 1 that she should dump him but I don't believe Op was trying to suprise him. If she was then she would have said that it was her. Instead she pretended to be someone else and was flirting with him. In my opinion that was wrong of her.

Redhead99 16

It should be irrelevant whether he wants her to play Runescape or not, he shouldn't be asking for nude pictures when he's in a committed relationship, it's not like she was going through his phone or emails she was just trying to do something nice in the first place.

I second that 133!

Tell him to play a real game >.>

Ahaa are you like twelve or something? What is this?

that's BS. it can never happen cuz: A. you wouldn't even know where he would be in RS B. you wouldn't know the world he's in C. there is no file-sharing in RS YDI for making crap up.

227,there's something called email noob

133 - hahaha yeah I'd probably get rid of him but at the same time you could play along to screw with his head

227, here's your answers. A. Try walking around or going where he usually goes. I know I'm almost always at Clan Wars unless I'm botting my skills. B. Friend list. 'Nuff said. I'll continue anyway in case you don't get it. She is his girlfriend. She probably watched him play a few times and remembered his in-game name. C. Most games don't have file sharing. If you ask for files on a game, you usually provide an e-mail address or instant messaging name to receive the file, or directions on how to download. So yes, it could happen.

my new favorite person on earth.

woo runescape! best game ever! add me on it! -you're btw first fml I've seen about rs :)

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Thats what you get for playing a gay ass game like runescape.

If u were 126 cb u wouldnt be pure l2rs plz

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You sound more like a level 80 with like 65 str and 70 att that always gets spanked..

It's just nude pics, it's like watching porn

K410 18

No that's just normal for runescape

should have sent them to him saying "laat youll get"

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don't hurt OPs feeelings, she might eat you

Nerdy girl with nerdy boyfriend here. Nerdy boyfriend is sweet and considerate. Don't tar us all with the same brush. This guy would be a dick whatever his hobbies were.

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hahaha asking for nude pics on runescape..

TheDrop 0

nerdy guy with normal girlfriend who has a life here. how do you have to be to play ronescape???

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I'm not a nerd and I love runescape ;)

ur only a nerd on runescape if u play on it everyday, I have a runescape account but forgot the username and password so I never go on it

Runescape is a game for 12 year olds, YDI OP

denbeste 3

Runescape has infact more to offer than WoW. also it is less time consuming.

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omg samual adams !

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"hurr durr I'm a nerd!!!11 I am so cute!!!!"

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Runescape actually doesn't have more to offer than WoW. Yes, i've played that game for 4+ years but WoW is so much bigger.

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I think the real nerds are the ones debating whether runescape or WoW are better.

MilkyFilmz 26

Black ops is a game for mature people. Doesn't stop those 8 year olds from playing the goddamn game.

uhh runescape was so likeee yesterdayyy uhh

no. this game is so 2346778389days before yesterday

whatup360 1

or was it tomorrow?

I like your default #3. Weezy baby!

i love runescape<3!! except i havent played in about 2 1/2 months:D

2.5 months? I'm 5 years sober.

It's 2015 and my brother still plays RuneScape. I live in Northern Scotland and even have the thing downloaded to my PC from when he visits (he's in the South, but he'd kill me if it wasn't there).

that sucks op.

OP send him a picture of your face! Or a pic of him and you together.

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^ what they said but spelt backwards.

MOM...but upside down

I remember my first girlfriend lol

your hand doesn't count!

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^^ win

seximexi911 10

haha niceeeee

cve45 4

win ^

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69 WIN

lol win 69.

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pahahaha, so true.

iCreate 10

Dump him! You´re far too good for him...

UpsidedownKayak 9

#7, It doesn't sound like she is too good for him. She acted immature and insecure by bringing this on herself. No one likes to be in a relationship and deal with childish games.

but she was surprising him by having an the fuck is that being immature

UpsidedownKayak 9

#66, because she didn't find him and say, "Surprise, I have an account now, too!" She just pretended to be a random person on the game and flirt with him. That is how the fuck she was being immature.

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ok so you are totaly ignoring the fact that he said he had no girlfriend and asked for naked pictures? that's dumb... I don't see how this is her fault at all.

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I agree with #36, she's only kidding herself by saying she was trying to surprise him. it's just like the girls who make fake fb pages to catch their man.

Well, if she WAS checking him, then her suspicions were right. She caught the no good cheater-wannabe. FHL

let me shine some light on this stupid crap he plays online games so he's a loser shes dumb because she set herself up and played a random person plus the fact that he's doing this online me he can't get laid so F*** the life of the parents that gave birth to the retreads.

No one likes to be in a deceitful relationship either.

you cqnt give personal information on runescape so of someone asked if you have a girlfriend say no or none of your pie! if there is pie choose apple

Report his ass.

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shyeahh_fml 19

that just made my day.

QueenPersephone 9

Go ahead, send him a nudie. A really steamy one, of you with another guy. His best friend or brother if at all possible.

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I love that idea, sound like a win to me, he deserves it

Kelita 0

That would b awesome! That asshole deserves it.

MrBond007_fml 6

I am willing to volunteer!

Best answer yet!!! 9, you must be very good at revenge!!! You should be the next 'Dear Abby'.

where_is_the_lig 0

exactly!! HDI!!! haha, great idea, I like it;)

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You win this thread and all my Internetz for the day. I salute you.

LOL Better yet, lay some on a chick and send it with F U written across your chest, both of you fingering the cam HAH!

hehe #9 that is a great idea XD

you should've sent them!