By Anonymous - 18/10/2010 14:24 - Netherlands

Today, I decided to surprise my boyfriend because he's been working extra hard these last two months. I went to his house only to find him in bed with another girl. Standing there, with fifteen roses in my hands, all he could say was, "Thank you, can you put them in a vase?" FML
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How could you deserve this? Fuck your life!

At least he didn't start singing "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy.


44 good one. did te roses have thorns still? if so through them in his face, and say here bitch! then end the relationship what a loser he was probably banging her not working.

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ydi for buying flowers for your boyfriend. you have it twisted.

awww, that really suxx. sorry OP. wut a stupid bf:P

In soviet russie man give girl flowers. oh wait... that's just back when the world was smarter.

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FYL op I'm sorry you have such a douche bag for a boyfriend.

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That's so heartbreaking, I can't even imagine! Sorry for you =(

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#51 and #61, stop enforcing gender roles. If you don't like how the world SHOULD be, then go to hell.

Ouch. Just ouch. However, was there anything he could've said in that situation that would've made it better?

I don't think there are enough words in the world to make this situation any better...

Well there is that, Fluffeh, but I think mid-act, it's not going to sound that sincere...

True, but it's better than being that much of an a-hole.

Tbf, he's a cheater, he's already shown he's a prick. He evidently realised that an apology would make no difference and so just attempted to be 'cool' and/or humourous.

Why should he apologize? I don't think it's rude, honestly how many guys like getting flowers, what do you expect him to say? "Omg I love these they are so beautiful thank you so much!"? Would you rather him lie about it and make you think he likes them or just not really care? It's not like he said "wtf did you get me these for?" At least he thanked her, that's more than I can say for some guys. I don't see how he is an ass for that.

Apologizing for cheating won't make it better if that's what you mean..

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He would have had to pull out to apologize. We all know that's not happening.

ShadowPunk - I did mean apologising about the cheating rather than the flowers. I think the flowers are kinda insignificant at this point...

*resists urges to correct spelling* As I've already stated, I don't think an apology would've helped, as he's a cheater, chances are he'd only have been sorry to get caught. He's a prick and the OP now knows that, an apology isn't going to make it all go away.

Nothing he says would be good, but he could have apologised

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At least he didn't start singing "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy.

Or... just castrate him might of spelt it wrong but i don't give a ****.

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that evil cow! go Kesha on him!

hahahahahaha yes. please go Kesha on him.

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Well, the other girl's "vase" was full at the time. She could attest to how "extra hard" he was working.

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I missed you perdix. Your comments have made me smile on many a day.

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i always get so happy when i see your comments :) this made me laugh.

Y.D.I. Never go to a man's house uninvited, unless you're prepared for what you might see when you get there. He's single, he can see whomever he wants to see! Next time, call first!

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If he was single, why would she call him her boyfriend? He may be single now, but not when his girlfriend walked in on him cheating. OP good thing you did go uninvited, or else you would have never known the truth.

wow, reading fail. she clearly says he's her boyfriend... how does that make him single?!

Boyfriend is a fairly long word to overlook.

Hmm... you're clearly one of those lifetime bachelors ... With an attitude like that you wouldn't even get a dog to like you.

He's stuck in the forever 21 phase like most rappers these days.