By David - 01/09/2009 04:03 - United States

Today, I decided to ride my rusty old bike to work, since it will help the environment. I was standing up and had a tight grip on the handle bars. The handle bars came off and I fell down on the cross bar, busting my nuts. FML
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At least your intentions were good.

You may have tried to better the world, but the children you could've had won't ever get to see the effects of your hard work. D:



Funny! Both our names have Cannibal in it!

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o.o i misread this. I saw the b in bike as a d..

well it would make sense because "busting a nut" also means to have an orgasm lol

You were probably not putting way too much balance on the handle sticks if you immediately got your balls pushed into the seat.

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At least your intentions were good.

this guy is a damn commie. go have tea with al gore you queer.

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well least you loosing your balls op will help the enviroment

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Mother nature strikes another man down with a fierce karma balltap

If he was HELPING Mother Nature why would he receive bad karma from her?

:( saving the world is sometimes hard. hope your balls feel better soon.

Hrrm i dont believe him, i believe the painful part but you could just be making the environment thing up to try and draw attention away from the fact that he rode a rusty degraded bike and payed the price for it.

Yeah, they give it a test-ride....and then bust their nuts anyways.

....making it up how, exactly?

like...lying oh and I hope the OP got a tetanus shot...rusty metal is no joke my friend

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28... did you really ask how? I have to say like half the FMLs on here are made up. Most are usually possible though.

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ouch i am so sorry. fyl

You may have tried to better the world, but the children you could've had won't ever get to see the effects of your hard work. D:

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Wow OP.. Maybe it's the world telling you to not even try anymore. allmidnighteyes... Your profile in the about you section is kind of a fail. You have a whole part on how there, they're, and their is used and then you start out one of your paragraphs with "They're is no excuse to not know the differences.." Get it right if you're gonna tell other people how to use the words.

No good deed goes unpunished

get a new bike

less people less pollution :)

ragglefraggle 2

But more people, more chances for someone to grow up smart and save the planet :D

If your nuts are REALLY broken, you can't have kids ... That's a +1 for the environment. Good for you!

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YOU DESERVE IT! Hello, if it's old and rusty, you should've gone for a test-ride before commuting with it!

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F you!

global warming isn't real

Apart from the fact that it is...

Raytestrak, He rode his bike to help the environment. but the big winner was the Human Gene Pool!

Disagree. I was using a T bar on a ski slope once and the pole snapped cleanly, sending me off the side of the mountain and straight to hospital with a shattered coccyx. He said the bike was RUSTED, as was the T bar I used. Handlebars and T bars in good nick don't break, but when they're rusted right through they will snap under pressure.

Wouldn't the same thing have happened?

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This happened to me one time, only I lost three fourths of my chin