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Today, I decided to put on some sexy lingerie and wait for my husband to come home to surprise him. He took one look at me and immediately accused me of cheating. He was convinced my explanation was a lie and that I'd rushed some guy out the back door when he came home. FML
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He should have trust in you. So FYL.

Why would you want to have sex with your own husband? So weird. No wonder he was suspicious.


He should have trust in you. So FYL.

What if the husband had a reason to distrust OP? We don't have all the information.

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Even if that's the case, this is such an often-used way to 'reignite the spark' he's got no excuse for not believing her!

The wife might have cheated before. You never know.

#26 this is also the situation many guys find themselves in when they interrupt their woman cheating so cut the guy some slack.

Or he could just be a really suspicious/jealous guy that doesn't trust OP. Maybe he has something to hide so he assumed she did too.

Even if she has, by choosing to marry/stay with her he's decided to put that behind them. Jumping to cheating over your wife wearing LINGERIE is a bit dramatic. As the person said before, it's used to reignite the spark and being spontaneous is important for at least most couples.

he could have been off that day... some days you just arent thinking straight. maybe something is on his mind or hes sick.. again, cut him some slack

Considering you are married, your husband should trust you more. As long as you haven't cheated in the past, I don't see how he would jump to this conclusion. Try talking to him about it.

Divorce! Jk, talk to him please.

is that the equivalent of 'you mean ex right?'

He obviously has some serious trust issues, maybe try sitting down to talk about it.

Why does everyone assume that if the man accuses the woman of cheating, it's really the guy that's cheating? Does no one realize that that is sexist?

Why would you want to have sex with your own husband? So weird. No wonder he was suspicious.

Exactly, everyone knows as soon as the rings are on the fingers all sex stops!

I'm married and that's not the case....

Sarcasm, my friend. Sarcasm.

It's common knowledge that once a woman becomes a wife she automatically has a 24/7 headache bestowed upon her, making sex out of the question!

I'm engaged and a female, and would have sex everyday, twice a day if I could. Its my fiancee that is Male and never in the mood. so, no, its not always the woman in the relationship.

why doesn't he trust you?

He probably had a bad day

I'm thinking it's time to talk to a marriage counselor. He seems to have a serious trust problem.

What husband doesn't have trust his wife to be faithful? If anything, he should believe you when you say that you aren't lying. Spouses should have complete faith in each other, not be accusing the other of adultery.