By icybrent94 - 05/08/2012 20:21 - United Kingdom - Arlesey

Today, I decided to have some fun by joining a Harry Potter forum and making a thread saying it's all for little kids. When I checked back later, my post had been edited into me tearfully coming out of the closet, and some guy had said he'd passed my details on to Anonymous. FML
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mehwhocares 9

Whoever did that is a genius. Kudos to you, defending the internet against malicious trolls.

Ydi for making fun of Harry potter.


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Harry Potter fans will do anything to defend the chosen one!

1 - unless it's about voldemort's nose, that's considered okay. :P

Blackmail111 9

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19-May God have mercy on your soul. If anyone needs me, I'll be hiding from the impending shitstorm that is sure to ensue.

19- But not here. Like 20 said, prepare. You have been properly warned.

If voldemort couldn't get away with it what made you think you could?

Blackmail111 9

23, Voldemort is a fictional character. Besides, it's the internet. What are a group of FML commentors going to do? Slit my throat while I sleep?

28-No, but they, (with some possible assistance from the mods) can succeed in making you look like a complete and utter dumbass. That is, if you don't already do it yourself.

Blackmail111 9

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I'm assuming that OP can relate a lot more to Dumbledore now since he came out of the closet.

34-There is a difference between respectively disagreeing with someone and going out of your way to make fun of something they like. Is this FML not a lesson?

Blackmail111 9

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Blackmail111 brings a whole new meaning to "TROLL!!! IN THE DUNGEON!!!" Well, I got that reference out of the way. And it's spelled "allowed". And when you have 1 thumb up less than a minute after posting your comment, everyone can see that you're really insecure, my friend. Stop thumbing yourself without protection.

40-I never said you WERE making fun of Harry Potter. If you were, I'd have already torn you a new one. Not because I'm a fan (because I'm not, although I'll admit the movies look good), but because like you said, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

dominic1221 6

This goes out to all y'all cunts wasting comments space:

lelo007 11

40- Yes, you are ALLOWED to say you don't like HP, but when you go out of your way to join a forum just to blast something, then you would deserve being blasted, yourself. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, but when you down others in order to make it known, well, then yea.. You are considered a troll. In this case, OP definitely deserved it.

Blackmail111 9

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Blackmail111- the problem we potterheads have is your insulting of our fandom in several ways. You are underestimating our fandom (there are potterheads I know who would gladly slit your throat if you insulted their OTP, although maybe not for this particular offence), you are acting as if you agree with OP in the thought that Harry Potter is just for little kids (a belief in which you are wholly incorrect) and your grammar is offensive to me personally (you're 'aloud' to do something are you?).

Blackmail111 9

48, Now you're just cramming words down my throat. If you read my previous comment then you'll see I've explained everything.

Blackmail111- I apologise for that, I was in the middle of formulating my comment when that was posted, however I do wonder what form of autocorrect, no matter how "on the fritz" it may be, would correct one legitimate word to another. And if you are on the iPhone there is an option to cancel any changes the autocorrect wants to make

Blackmail111 9

51, My auto correct is off but as I said it's on the fritz and is working in a glitched out state. My Iphone has auto corrected tons of legitimate words many times before.

52, just because you're losing this battle does not mean you can make up excuses about "autocorrect". You're just bad at spelling

Blackmail111 9

70, I'm not losing anything. There never was a battle at all. I do have a legitimate excuse for my auto correct because it's haywire. The fact that your saying I'm losing a battle and I'm just using Autocorrect as an excuse is pure opinion. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have better things to do than continue this discussion on the internet seeing as people don't have the same opinions as I do. Not disrespecting or anything, only ceasing the discussion.

That's absolutely no excuse at all. There is no such glitch in existence. You must have the worst Iphone ever, or are trying to justify that you actually didn't know how to spell "allowed", or forgot to turn off auto correct. Nice try though. :) And the fact is, sure it's easy to make fun of HP with one post, but that post will immediately be buried, deleted, destroyed, burned in a fire, and you will be made into a jackass. Or you can do what smart people do and keep it to yourself.

SenselessPattern 12

And....we're done. Move on folks, I'm sure the mods are gonna stop this boring cluster fuck of replies. If they don't, however, feel free to keep smashing thy responses out until we reach a record number of replies, at the very least.

76 - You forgot to mention "stabbed with a tooth from a Basilisk" :)

There will be so silly homonym messups or foolish typing on this comment thread. 31- *allowed (Obviously) Will you probably keep mispelling words after this? *Always*

Blackmail111 9

Again, why are there replies when the discussion has ceased? And how do you know there's no such glitch? Are you yourself an Iphone? No? Thought so. It's really sad how people who talk with TXT language are ignored but if 1 word is misspelled everyone assumes you have the IQ of a rock and just blocks any excuse even if legitimate.

76 - I'm sorry to inform you that you are not aware of all glitches in existence. And Iphones do in fact sometimes turn into troll phones after you jailbreak them, so the "aloud" thing might actually be autocorrect. Or might not, but that's not something we can know. And there's no need to imply that Blackmail is an idiot either, he didn't imply you are.

And the horny Harry jokes, they're okay too. Well, when they're funny.

So, do Harry Potter fans call themselves Dobby?

^ it was suppose to read 'fans' instead of friends, I edited my comment in the last minute as my original comment was to this guy saying crap about Harry potter and making autocorrect excuses. Sorry for the confusion... Enjoy! Harry Potter is great and is loved by the world. Olympics opening ceremony is a proof :-)

I make fun of Harry Potter all the time, and no one (usually) cares. And most of my family thinks Harry Potter is the greatest thing ever.

The weird part is, he had tearfully come out of the closet just five minutes earlier, because he liked the temperature of the closet but the computer didn't fit in there. What's a euphemism?

especially someone in London were Harry potter was born

Thats such a stupid thing to say ^

That's hardly true, 143...

17- I'll give you 3 seconds to run!

iGrassYourSister 6

yeah except that it is for lil kids, teenage girls and just some tardy nerds. it's just one level above twilight. and the action which was taken against OP proves me right. Clear mod power abuse, false texts with purpose to humiliate and insult and personal info giving away ( to anonymous which is most retarded thing I have ever heard). U harry pooper fans are pathetic and I bet you can't even argue about this, instead you just cry, go full buttrage, curse and do what's described in this FML all while thumbing down everything that's possible. When you'll grow up and see some real movies, you'll understand.

Nobody "passed your details on to Anonymous". It doesn't work that way.

tmmundy 17

I'm not into Harry Potter, but I know how serious people are about about it and would never make fun of anyone for what their into, YDI!!!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#163- You're confusing us with Twilight fans; THEY can't back up why they like Twilight. THEY get butthurt when someone bashes Twilight. Yes, I can back up why I love Harry Potter. Great plot, wonderful characters, even the way the books are written. I like the trials Harry goes through and how he stays strong even through everything bad that happens, and how real to life the characters are. Sure there are some things I dislike, but they're few and far between. I can't help that you don't like it, but hopefully you won't be so rude about HP and its fans in the future.

nirvi 3

HP haters - FYL!

rifletwirler92 15

One key difference between the two is that Twilight is poorly written with a shoddy plot and two dimensional characters. Harry Potter on the other hand has an engaging plot with characters that grow and change as the series progresses, not to mention the story can appeal to people of all ages rather than just to teenage girls or mothers of said teenage girls. But honestly I'm not really sure why you or OP has to put down others for something they enjoy.

163- you are aware that Harry Potter is more than just movies right? Or can you not read? The books were amazing and actually contain content that is inappropriate for young children in some of the later books. So, sir, you should try and enter the phantasmagoric world of reading.

Anyone else hit YDI after the first sentence?

#163 - Please just stop embarassing yourself. You obviously don't know how complete the HP series are, I guess you're too slow. There's a reason they're some of the most read books in the world. I've honestly never heard anyone who read the book say it's shit (which I've heard several times about the Twilight series). It's not predictable, only a fool would not admit that it takes great intelligence to create such a huge fantasy universe, and if you're too tiny of a human being to be able to keep up with everything that's going on, that's your fault. It's not because it suits a child's brain and it's just too silly to make sense, it's because you just don't get anything. And I guess you don't understand that OP tried to humiliate the entire fangroup of the website, either. Wow. >.> go dig yourself a hole, really

jtjtjt 1


jtjtjt 1

Twilight is, admittedly, idiotic. However Harry Potter is brilliant. The books are phenomenal. Rowling created such an intricate world entirely intertwined with our own. I assume you have never read the books. If you had, you'd understand the fans, and their love for the series. And on that note, BYE. May your petty life be filled with goblin piss.

143- you're wrong. Harry Potter was not born in London but in Godric's Hollow. Please stop embarrassing yourself.

iGrassYourSister 6

Hah, and this is what im talking about, no arguments or whatsoever. Great plot, great characters doesn't mean shit, every brain dead retard can tell me he likes scooby doo because of its originality and unpredictable ending. ANd that other guy suddenly snapping and yapping about how I don't understand such "brilliance" and how I am not familiar with books at all . All your arguments are based on thin air just because I don't like all these silly gay wand fights? And since when fantasy = intelligence? If all harry potter fans would take an IQ test, it would come back negative.

mehwhocares 9

Whoever did that is a genius. Kudos to you, defending the internet against malicious trolls.

2 - I don't think OP was being malicious. Just a self centered douchebag. But, I do have to call you a hypocrite because of your profile pic. xD

Haha good all anonymous that will be good xD

Says the person who displays a troll picture. Lol:)

Those damn hypocritical trolls! tehee.

Does anyone find this comment the least bit ironic?

I bet you feel so cool.

Michael_92 20

Yea, he is a total badass.

That's what happens when you make fun of Harry potter. Don't do it!

Tragichero92 12

Watch out, we got us a badass over here.

Ydi for making fun of Harry potter.

Making fun of Harry potter is okay. Going out of your way to disrespect it, knowing that the people that your disrespecting it to are Harry potter fans, is called being a douchebag.

winnerme123 8


Theres Nothing wrong with making fun of Harry potter, i rather dislike it and find it not to my tastes. In my view it fits into the same category as twilight.

86, you compared Harry Potter to TWILIGHT? Fucking Twilight? How could you. We can accept that you dislike HP, but for putting the awesomeness of wizardry in the same category as the sparkling douchebags earns you a group shun.

94, in my view twilight and Harry potter are equal........

96, I think you established that already... What's next, are you going to say you hate colorful, bouncing ponies next too? Or that you can't stand the taste of bacon? Or that love is boring and pointless? Do you hate EVERYTHING good in life?!

99, I LOVE bacon and love is amazing.... But not ponies. My reason for putting twilight and Harry potter in same category is as follows: They are both offensive (to me), poorly written, have bad movies made after them, have rather annoying fan bases(not all are annoy but many are), they're way more popular than they should be and kids are forced into reading these books in school. The Only good things about them is twilight: A surge in vampire paraphernalia and harry potter: Watching all the heavy over board Christians get their granny panties in a knot.

Whoa whoa whoa, 105. Chill, I was jokin' around :) Btw, I'm Catholic and adore Harry Potter, so it is very much appreciated if you wouldn't bunch all of us religious people as HP-hating tards D:

107, I said the heavily over board Christian not all Christians, just the extremists. And I'm religious as well, but I'm not a Christian.

Exept that Harry Potter has critically acclaimed writing where as Twilight does not and Harry Potter does not have an abusive relationship as its main dynamic

koolkat27 13

You think they are similar despite the fact that the lead actress in Twilight ruined the quality of the film, whereas the acting in HP was incredibly well acted?

A7X_LoVeee 10

How are they offensive? Just curious. HP isn't poorly written. The twilight movies are horrible & their fan base is definitely more annoying imo.

nevereyes, have you actually read either of the books? J. K Rowling's writing style is absolutely brilliant, so I really have no idea what you are talking about.

I only think people hate twilight because its cool to hate twilight (that and the movies made them look bad) but both of them are incredibly well written and very very good reads. And you, miss nevereyes, hate both simply because you want to be different. Your need to stick out has gone so far as to cause you to spew pure lie just to make people angry and point out that your opinion is different than others. BTW the vampire paraphernalia comment combined with your info creeped me out a little. Not the spider part though, tarantulas are cool.


119, twilight insults the incredible beings that are vampires and Harry potter mocks witchcraft. And yes twilight fans are much more annoying but Harry potter fans tend to piss me off more. 148, yes I have other wise I wouldn't be allowed to have a say on the writing style.156, once again both book are insulting to me and a vast majority of people hate twilight especially because, not only does it ruin the idea of vampires but it also is very poorly written. I'll stick to the Marked series, it shows witch craft properly, is extremely well written and has decent vampires.

Really? You dislike Harry Potter but you like that horribly written Marked series- the one with the girl who falls in love with five guys and basically stumbles through the plot? No character development, terrible writing- the only thing somewhat tolerable about that series is the plot, and even that isn't great when everything is solved by that chick (forgot the main girl's name) "harnesses the power within" and stops the immediate problem just like that. I'm not even a Harry Potter fan (indifferent to it), but I will say it's about 100 times better than Marked and 1000 times better than Twilight. I'm not even saying that it's stupid to like Marked, because I definitely see the appeal, but come on, seriously? Harry Potter trumps that shit and has waaaay less controversial content as well, seeing as you're apparently easily offended.

LiesAndMischief 4

171 - I am so confused. How the hell does Harry Potter mock witchcraft?

Im confused as well how does it mock witchcraft? How can you sit there and make fun of harry potter ? You have no real reason to hate harry potter all your excuses are garbage. I'm guessing you've probably never even read the book and if you have never read the book then you can stop bashing it stop saying it mocks witchcraft or anything negative to do with it because you know nothing. I hate twilight but I'm not gonna sit here and make fun of it. Why? Because stephanie Meyers makes millions of dollars and some people really love her books. Just like millions of people including me love Harry potter so if you are gonna hate on Harry potter 171 expect many thumbs down many negative comments and people hating on you.

I see whats going here. nevereyes, are you by chance of any type of pagan faith, perhaps Wicca? I respect the Wicca religion, I in fact was very interested in it a few years ago, myself being agnostic and interested in different religions in my search for something that fits my beliefs. I know quite a few wiccans, and all of them agree that the witchcraft in Harry Potter is purely mythological. It's what we were told magic was like as children. Whereas the Wiccan witchcraft is based more on nature and rituals. It's a completely different thing. Not in the least offensive. However there are always those self-entitled Wiccans who jump at anything that could potentially "offend and belittle" the Wicca faith, so they can shout out in defense of their uncommon religion and brand themselves different and interesting. Harry potter witchcraft is as similar to Wiccan witchcraft as twilight "vampires" are to real vampires. They are not vampires, they are sparkly fairies with blood lust. if you are not Wiccan, or some pagan religion similar to Wicca, than I apologize for my rant, but I have a feeling you are.

My boyfriend is extremely religious, but he still loves Harry Potter, because it's just a story. Neither stories insults anything. There are so many variations in the myths that there are no "true" vampires. People who claim that Dracula burned in the sun is the "true" vampire, are wrong because he didn't even burn in the sun. He could walk around and just be slightly weakened. And Dracula wasn't even the first vampire. Yes the sparkling is a little weird, but Meyer never did claim that her vampires are "the real vampires". It's just a story, get over it. I even know many Wiccans, and even once was Wiccan myself, who still love Harry Potter like myself, because it is just a story! It is meant for entertain and not meant to show how "witchcraft is meant to be". (not saying you are Wiccan, just elaborating from the other post).

Twilight has been critized by ppl like Steven king for it lackluster writing and by several abuse agencies because the relationship at the core of the plot has all the hallmarks of an abusive one

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Harry Potter is amazing. I'm 17 and still love it. YDI :P

And I'm twenty? Liking Harry Potter past a certain age doesn't exactly make you a minority considering it has millions of fans from all ages across the globe.

bizarre_ftw 21

I'm 18 in 9 days, I grew up with Harry potter to the point of memorizing large sections of the book Op is an ass

jaredofmo 22

I didn't read Harry Potter until I was 25. Loved it.

UltimateGIRness 16

My neighbor is in her 30's and loves it.harry potter is for all ages

The whole world loves Harry Potter. It was part of the Olympics opening ceremony... They showed Voldermort!

lilmisslovely13 15

My three brothers, aged 11, 16, and 21 all love Harry Potter as much as my 45 year old mother does.

I'm 51 and read all the books and saw all the movies. Loved all of it!

jcapbubbles0408 6

26 and still loving it. Don't try and take on the Harry Potter fans...they will destroy you OP! You totally deserved it!

jellycorn 13

What forum was this, exactly? YDI, OP. Never try to take on Harry Potter

caitiebug1119 15

Same here :) I'm 18 and I still love it. I'll probably be 70 years old and trying to get my grandkids to become Harry Potter fans.

Cassandrax731 5

I'm 17 too, and still love it. How could I not? I grew up reading the series, I saw all the movies... now I've sort of passed it down to my little brother, who is 11, and my cousins, who are 11 and 12. most of my friends love it, my English teacher (in her 30s) loves it, my uncle (in his 20s) loves it... and i wouldn't have it any other way. We'll ALWAYS love it.

The mods to that site wouldn't happen to be Alan, Didi and Sirin, would they? I didn't know they liked Harry Potter. Sneaky mods

Troll mods: the ultimate oxymoron.

We must comment quietly the forums are full of their spies, even some of the users are on their side.

theslimshadylp 6

Do t fuck with Harry potter nerds they'll wave their magic sticks right up your ass.

theslimshadylp 6

Don't* my mistake

No I like "Dot Fuck" better. Actually the image isn't exactly pleasant, but it's funnier that way. Dot*

dukeson15 1

You met Sirin, huh...?

That's what happens when you decide to troll.

YDI for trolling at the wrong place man. Whenever admins can manipulate your posts and stuff, it's really hard to get away with that.