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Today, I decided to go to a therapy group to help with my anxiety and to meet people who felt similar. I joked with my friend that no one would turn up as people might feel anxious about going. I was right. I was the only one there. FML
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flowerbug 4

Think about it this way: you're one step ahead of them for actually going! :)

well I am proud of you for going, OP. I struggle with anxiety and I envy you for doing something I wouldn't be able to do.


Just use this experience on the next meeting, let them know what convinced you to actually go through with it and help them while helping yourself. But that's if they show up.

Btw I applaud you for going, I don't have anxiety but I'm sure it's not fun at all and to have the balls to go is a major step!

Hell, just showing up is a major step in the right direction. And usually takes a lot of effort.

Anxiety is bs.

Your ignorance astounds me.

No. Anxiety is very real. I've suffered with it all my 29 years and still deal with it on a daily basis. What's "bs" is the fact you think its "bs." You are very ignorant.

Anxiety is most definitely NOT BS and you will some day experience it. Everyone does to a degree. Life can deal nasty blows and anxiety is a normal response. On top of that, Anxiety disorder is very real and I don't wish that on anyone. Your comment is very callous and not even funny.

missyfiona89 28

How you look like is bs.

Between your bio and this comment... get out. Now.

No, anxiety disorder is a real thing, and it's crippling. Imagine having a panic attack when the phone rings and you don't recognize the number. Imagine going to the grocery store late at night so there won't be too many people. Wrap your mind around being so happy to be home and away from all the looks that you know are directed at you. Imagine needing to see a Dr. for a strange rash, but not being able to get out of the car and walk into the waiting room full of people, until a family member drags you in over a week later because the pain of shingles is too much to bear, and you need the family member to explain the symptoms to the Dr, because your regular physician had to take the day off. I hope you never have to go through anything like this.

MxAxRxCxO 30

I have anxiety and your right, it is bs. Bs in the sense that people like me have to face it every day of our lives... Consider changing your bio too...

OP, kudos to you! If you were the only one there, that means a hell of a lot more help for you! Good job, friend! I hope you improve and overcome this anxiety. Best of wishes

If you have anxiety it's easier to let out how you feel with no one else around so this could be a good thing

ginaqueen 3

So many comments saying good for you, atleast your trying, blah blah blah. Since when does the human race actually care about one another...... Oh shut up, we all got "anxiety".... wahhhh.

Not everyone has an anxiety disorder. Which is a legitimate, often treatable, but difficult condition to live with. Educate yourself.

Wow, you sound like you've had a miserable life. A miserable life with no access to Google to educate yourself on what mental illness is.

People do care. Maybe not people around you? That's why the internet can be useful. You can find people with like interests or like minded people and form friendships that way. Have some faith that it can happen and it probably will. Even in a forum like this one, where people like joking, laughing and poking fun at each other, deep down, people do care and have empathy. You just have to surround yourself with better people. It ain't easy to find them but try to stay positive!

As to anxiety, yes, we all have it. But Anxiety disorder is just thst, a disorder. Look it up. It is as real as a broken leg and no laughing matter .

at least you made an effort :)

This is so sad and hilarious at the same time :)

Maybe nobody else went because their anxiety is too bad for them to go :/.

Attacksloth 33

Group therapy for me had no effect. I've suffered with severe health anxiety (hypochondria) for the past five years. The only thing that had a lasting effect was cognitive behavioral therapy, and even that was difficult as hell and expensive (205 dollars a session and I had twenty sessions). Do it though, it's totally worth it if your anxiety is debilitating enough.

Well for some people it does help :) I had anxiety/ anorexia and it was the only thing that helped as one on one therapy was too stressful for me as I felt forced into speaking. Group therapy allowed me to speak when I was ready and I wasnt put under a lot of pressure to share my thoughts. Good job for going OP! I also recommend hypnotherapy if group therapy doesnt work