By Anonymous - 22/09/2010 12:11 - Japan

Today, I decided to go for a run to try and work on getting in shape. Nine steps in, I slipped in some slimy moss, almost broke my hip on the pavement and gashed open my elbow. I'll be surprised if I can walk straight in the morning. FML
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lonesomeXheartbr 0

you were counting your steps?

Good for you, for trying to get in shape. I know this has probably turned you off running for a while, so once you're feeling better, try something else! Don't give up!


dam you really fail at life.... atleast you didn't get stitches =D

boyguydudemalema 0

dude, it was an accident, just because u slipped and got owned badly, doesn't mean he fails at life.

if he gets owned by moss and pavement I'm pretty sure that's a fail.

doink 0

No, it's not. It's called "an accident".

DudeImBetter 0

would you be surprised if you can run crooked tomorrow or no.

guckylynn 19

I'm thinking he kinda fails at life for just trying to pick up running. that's something you work up to so ydi op.

nates0210 0

he won't be able to walk straight tomorrow because he was anally raped by the sidewalk.

Slappyzezima 0

you probably just bruzed your hip you fucking pussy. a real man would have got up and kept running.

tweetbaby14 18

uh huh and I'm suprised that you can still type after going through such an ordeal... unless you're lying that is.

mexicutioner123 0

only in japan....

lalagirl912 0

it was an accident! Just like how #1 was born! ;)

this happend to me in the summer. except I sprained my ankle.

It's okay OP. If you can make it 9 steps, then you might be able to make it 10 steps, so keep trying!

how can he walk with a broken hip? : S

I've done that shit on a bike before. damn moss almost broke my jaw and sliced my lip open. FYL For sure

itssnotfunny 24

he said almost broke his hip, I got confused too.

this person derserves it for counting their steps when they run

I know. Why do people insist on starting out so rough? I began just walking, then skipping out in the backyard. Then you can move onto running, or in my case, using the elliptical (not sure how you spell that one).

lonesomeXheartbr 0

you were counting your steps?

I'm glad I'm not the only person that thinks its strange he was counting

hiphop_danca94 2

it makes for an...attractive story

LaPollux 0

I count mine? JK, I have a life..

haha don't think you'll ever go for a run in awhile.

iamchuck 0

Your mom won't be able to walk straight tomorrow.

You almost broke a hip from that kind of fall? YDI if you're under the age of fifty. Drink your milk!

So the fall turned you gay? This is srs bsns.

Slimy moss? were you running in a shallow stream?

mexicutioner123 0

some moss is just naturally slimy

gmor 0

haha. maybe getting in shape isn't your calling ;)

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