By Anonymous - / Wednesday 22 September 2010 12:11 / Japan
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Good for you, for trying to get in shape. I know this has probably turned you off running for a while, so once you're feeling better, try something else! Don't give up!


I'm thinking he kinda fails at life for just trying to pick up running. that's something you work up to so ydi op.


uh huh and I'm suprised that you can still type after going through such an ordeal... unless you're lying that is.


I've done that shit on a bike before. damn moss almost broke my jaw and sliced my lip open. FYL For sure


I know. Why do people insist on starting out so rough? I began just walking, then skipping out in the backyard. Then you can move onto running, or in my case, using the elliptical (not sure how you spell that one).

You almost broke a hip from that kind of fall? YDI if you're under the age of fifty. Drink your milk!

Buy a Wii and EA Sports Active. Then you can lose weight in your house and reward yourself with Wii games.

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